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How to Create Your First Budget

Growing up and learning how to navigate the adult world - especially when it comes to budgeting - can be scary.

However, the earlier you're exposed to financial education can make all the difference towards bettering your future and preparing you for the tough decisions you’ll make further down the line.

At ImageNPay, we’re all about improving your financial situation and believe that it's never too early to learn financial responsibility - and what better place to start than by creating your first budget?

Read on to discover the main steps involved in creating your first budget as a teen!

1) Work Out Your Expenses

The first step in creating your first budget is all about working out what you can afford and what you’ll need to pay for.

Take a deep dive into your finances by making a list of whatever potential expenses you have coming your way throughout the month. For example, car payments like fuel and insurance, mobile phone costs, food and drink, shopping for clothes/make-up or even sports and gaming.

Some of these expenses may differ over time, so having a separate budget for each month can help you adjust as necessary and reduce stress.

2) Set Clear Goals

It’s important to be clear about what exactly you're spending your money on each month and how much you'll need for each of those things.

You can make this process a lot easier by allocating your funds or allowance to different categories ⁠(like the examples we used above). Let’s say last month you spent a total of £25 on online gaming - try giving yourself a budget of £25 per month for this hobby and make every effort to stick to it.

If you’re trying to save up money for something else, maybe try and cut this down to £20 or £15. It’s all about finding a balance that works for you, so that you can still enjoy the things you love to do.

3) Automate Your Money

Automating your money to different accounts/cards can help you stick to your allowance for your specific spending categories.

You can use the ImageNPay app to budget by loading your funds onto the card of your choice. Once you reach your limit, you won’t be able to spend anymore - making them a great alternative to credit cards where there’s risk of interest/fees!⁠

4) Be Kind To Yourself

Most of all, be kind to yourself. Your first budget is not set for life, so don't worry about the mistakes you might make along the way.

Have some patience, utilise all the ways you can increase your income, and remind yourself that you'll learn as you go!⁠


One of the easiest ways to manage your spending is by using an app that lets you budget and manage your money whilst also keeping track of your spending.

ImageNPay works as a digital prepaid debit card, which provides a great introduction to managing your money on your own without the risks of a credit card.

Our app is FREE to download on iOS and coming very soon to Android! Click the button below to start your budgeting journey today with ImageNPay.

Make sure also to check out our blog post on why ImageNPay is the perfect budgeting app for ages 13+!

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