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About ImageNPay Virtual Prepaid Mastercard

What is the ImageNPay Virtual Prepaid Mastercard?

It is a virtual prepaid debit card. After you have downloaded the app, you can load your money using your debit card as and when required. Your first minimum load is £10. Thereafter you need to have enough money on your ImageNPay Card to be able to make purchases you want.

What is the ImageNPay app?

It is a finance and lifestyle app that allows you to personalise your ImageNPay Card using the images you like and supporting the causes you love. It is available in App Store for online and instore (with Apple Pay and Google Pay) virtual prepaid debit card payments. 

What are the benefits of our virtual prepaid Mastercard?

No credit check is needed for our virtual prepaid debit card: when you apply for ImageNPay Card, we do not run a credit check. This means your chances of being accepted are much higher. These are also an even more secure alternative to secure prepaid debit cards, as a virtual card is not linked to a bank account or credit facility. It means you can shop online with extra peace of mind. It is accepted globally online at any retail website that accepts Mastercard®.

What iOS versions does ImageNPay app support?

If you have any version above iOS 12 (included), you are good to go.

How does ImageNPay Virtual Prepaid Mastercard work?

ImageNPay card works just like any virtual prepaid card, where you can use the card for online purchases, safely and securely never revealing your debit card or bank details.

Can I withdraw cash using ImageNPay Card?

Because it is a virtual prepaid Mastercard® card in the app, you won’t be able to use an ATM to withdraw cash.

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