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Plug and Play with ImageNPay 

The ImageNPay corporate platform is simple, modular, flexible, fully scalable and can be integrated into existing ecosystems under licence.


The digital wallet technology works with existing global payment networks and can connect easily with banks enabling them to create image based journeys of their own with our elegant SDK/API's

Technology Agnostic:

The ImageNPay technology has been designed to work with both iOS and Android, MDES with Mastercard and VTS with VISA

Customer insight like no other:

Our unique digital wallet platform lets customers select images and use them to pay. For brands we add a third leg of data by mapping the Merchant Category codes to the Image, providing enhanced purchase experiences for the consumer and new data points for brands and a better value exchange for all.

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Guitar Lesson


Providing influencers, charities, sporting brands and retailers with a new marketing platform by connecting customers to brands with images they love and can pay with

 Making Life Easy


Strengthen customer engagement online and in-store, whilst increasing customer lifetime value by linking exciting content directly to digital wallet payments. Become part of the customer journey with ImageNPay enhancing the shopping experience

Think of Yourself as a Customer


With customers using digital wallet images to pay you can create new data points, more effective marketing campaigns and additional revenue streams with image based content and increased engagement.


Improving Customer Lifetime Value

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