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Introducing ImageNPay Family

For Parents and Kids aged 8-18​

What is ImageNPay family?

Financial independence for kids, peace of mind for parents.


With ImageNPay Family you can add up to three seperate ImageNPay prepaid cards to you account*, allowing you to track your kids transactions and send them spending money.

Using a digital prepaid card is a safer way for them to shop online and instore, keeping their card details protected. Find out more here.

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ImageNPay Family Features:

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Simple Set Up

Scan a QR code within the ImageNPay app to seamlessly add your child's ImageNPay card to your account.

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Real Time Updates

Send and receive notifications between the kid's and parent's version of ImageNPay Family.

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Keep Track of Spending

Monitor your kids(s) spending within your ImageNPay app. You can also set spending limits for their card.

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Send Money

Transfer money to your kids with a few taps inside the ImageNPay app. A simpler & safer way to pay their allowance!

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In-App Chat 

Respond to top-up and spending limit increase requests through our in-app chat feature.

ImageNPay Family Transactions Screen

Money Skills

Kids can track their own spending within the app and categorise their transactions to see where they're spending the most. Helping build budgeting and saving skills.

How To Sign Up To ImageNPay Family

ImageNPay Family Card Designs

Kids can personalise their ImageNPay digital card from 100+ FREE images!

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*only available to ImageNPay Plus users, a one-off charge of £1 per extra card

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