Imagine If....

There was a prepaid card app where you could select images and use them to pay, that was plastic free and enabled consumers to connect more closely to their heroes and the brands they love. 


One that was fun and engaging and where you could change your image to suit your mood, creating greater affinities with the charities and causes you care about.

Where artists and photographers can curate content and have a digital marketplace to offer those images to a wider consumer base. Where iconic images that you love from some of the world's foremost photographers can be used to pay.


A future where you could trade images and use them to redeem offers and rewards and receive a better value exchange.

Bring your digital wallet app to life with unique images...

ImageNPay leverages the power of your smartphone and delivers a virtual prepaid card that will change the way in which consumers connect, enrol and adopt digital payments, whilst eliminating plastic!

  • Bring payments to life with images, sounds and video

  • Change the mechanics of marketing and loyalty 

  • Make buying quick, convenient and secure

  • Remove the need for toxic plastic cards

  • Creating bespoke marketing campaigns with enhanced consumer inclusivity via our prepaid app

  • Enabling brands, celebrities, sports teams, charities create new connections in the payments eco-system whilst giving consumers a new way to pay