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Bring Payments to Life with ImageNPay...

...the world's most exciting payment app!

Imagine a digital prepaid card app that allowed you to pay with fun, unique images and animations, and helped remove plastic from the planet.


You could change your virtual card’s image in a matter of seconds to suit your mood, celebrate a special occasion, or show your support for a charity or cause you care deeply for.


With ImageNPay, all of this is possible!

Bring your payments to life with ImageNPay, for ONLY £1.99 a month.

Download ImageNPay on the App Store
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Switch to Digital Payments with ImageNPay in minutes!

How does ImageNPay work

Our Products:

ImageNPay Standard

This is the version of the app you first get access to when you sign up. You get access to basic ImageNPay features, like contactless payments, but can only spend £120 a month on your digital prepaid card.

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ImageNPay Plus

Upgrade to ImageNPay+ for a one-off payment of £3.49 to access ImageNPay Family. As well as increased spending limits. 

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Designed for those 13+, ImageNPlay allows kids to learn healthy money habits whilst spending safely!

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ImageNPay Family

For parents & kids (aged 8-18). Ensuring financial independence of kids with peace of mind for parents!

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ImageNPay Virtual Prepaid Card Features:

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Where Can I Use ImageNPay?


All ImageNPay prepaid cards are Mastercard-approved, which means you can enjoy both seamless and stylish payments in more than 40 million places worldwide - online AND instore.

With our Apple Pay and Google Pay integration you can pay with your favourite ImageNPay images on the tube, in shops, or at your local café! 


The Eco-Friendly Solution to Plastic Payment Cards


Not only does ImageNPay make buying quick, convenient and secure, your digital prepaid card also eliminates the need for plastic. ImageNPay is 100% plastic-free. Read more about our sustainability promises here.

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