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Introducing ImageNPay+

The world's most exciting payment app has got an upgrade!

What's the difference between ImageNPay and ImageNPay Plus?

With a standard ImageNPay digital prepaid card, you can load up to £120 per month and personalise your digital card whenever, and however many times you want!

Whereas an ImageNPay Plus card increases your spending limits up to £8,700 per month. You will also be issued your own unique account number and sort code. This means you can set up reocurring payments with your ImageNPay+ prepaid card and use your digital card to pay for bills, subscriptions and other direct debits.

With an ImageNPay+ subscription you can access ImageNPay Family where you can add up to 3 extra ImageNPay cards (£1 each) to your account to manage your kids spending.

ImageNPay Plus.png
  • £120 a month max spending

  • No loading fees

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay payments

  • No ID required to set up

ImageNPay Standard

  • £8,700 a month spend

  • Set up standing orders

  • No loading fees* 

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay payments

  • Unique Sort Code and Account Number

  • Add up to 3 cards for kids (ImageNPay Family)

  • Transfer money between bank accounts


Upgrade for a one-off payment of £3.49!


* up to a spend of £200 a month, a charge of 1% for spend over £200

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