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About ImageNPay

The ImageNPay virtual prepaid card was born from a simple discussion with my son which centred around his passion for gaming and a simple question "Dad can I pay for Minecraft with a Minecraft image?" He in fact even came up with the original company name IMAGEN.PAY, which evolved into ImageNPay - all very Rock N Roll. I was already working on a concept that could enhance the value consumers would accrue from monetising their digital DNA and linking it to a purely virtual card that would give customers greater choice and so I thought why not merge the two ideas?


My vision was to create a fully inclusive digital wallet platform that did not rely on credit, that was prepaid and allowed consumers to create true digital affinities. With the added benefit of being able to change their virtual prepaid card images, in line with their mood in-app. It soon became clear that images could also be provided by brands, charities, artists, photographers and celebrities to enhance the buying experience, reduce costs of advertising and create greater value exchange for the consumer in the long term.

The ImageNPay Journey

For brands it would provide a platform to create almost instant virtual prepaid cards whilst improving the use of data and accelerate the adoption of mobile payments, reducing both cash and vast amounts of plastic. After much emotional, intellectual and monetary investment we designed and built a new platform to provide consumers with the ability to pay with the images they love, support their favourite charity or team, all with the overriding goal of being totally plastic free.

It was also important that the digital wallet solution could be provided to Banks, Payment Networks and eWallets to assist in the mission to drive out the plastic used in payment cards, which is one of the most toxic on the planet.


Some of the best ideas during this process came from my kids, taking the time to listen to your children and see the future through their eyes enables you keeps your feet on the ground whilst allowing your head to be in the clouds. Anything is possible if you have belief and occasionally let your imagination run wild.

Michael Donald - Founder & Chairman

ImageNPay makes payments fun, accessible and connects people to their passions

We are creating a paradigm shift in payments. Ultimately consumers will decide, their Imagenation will inform & define those choices

Whatever Image you choose

Whoever you Imagen you are

Wherever your Imagenation takes you

It's all about who you are and how you see yourself

Act with Attitude, Pay with Confidence

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