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ImageNPay+ FAQs

What is ImageNPay Plus?

For a one-off payment of £3.49 you can upgrade to ImageNPay+. With ImageNPay+ you can automate your top up, set up standing orders, and spend up to £8,700 a month online and instore. Find out what else you can do with ImageNPay+ here. You will need a form of ID to upgrade to ImageNPay+.

How does it work?

ImageNPay+ runs the same as the standard ImageNPay, allowing you to personalise your digital prepaid card however – and whenever – you like. By paying the one-off charge of £3.49, and submitting your proof of identity, you can have access to new payment options – such as setting up direct debits or connecting up to three other cards (£1.00 each) to your account for your children (find out more here).

Are there any fees?

You can upgrade to an ImageNPay Plus Card for only £3.49. You will continue to pay the standard ImageNPay subscription fee of £1.99 a month. Head to our fees FAQs for more info.

How do I upgrade?

It’s so easy to upgrade to ImageNPay Plus, and you can do so in just a few taps:


  1. Open up the ImageNPay app on your device and go to my ‘My Card’ (click the small card symbol at the bottom of the screen)

  2. Tap ‘Card Details’

  3. Select ‘Upgrade My Card’

  4. On the next screen, you’ll see our ‘Welcome to ImageNPay Plus’ message. Tap the yellow button labelled ‘Now You Can!’

  5. You’ll be prompted to provide proof of identity, which can be a photo of your passport or driving license. 

  6. Once the card has been approved, your ImageNPay subscription will be upgraded and you can start enjoying all of the benefits of ImageNPay Plus. No credit check required!

Watch our video guide on how to upgrade here (scroll to bottom).

What if my upgrade gets rejected?

If you upgrade has been rejected, contact us here.

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