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ImageNPay Fees

Are there any fees for using the ImageNPay app?

Yes, in your first month you will be charged £1 for card issuance and sign-up, then £1.99 monthly recurring. Your monthly fee is charged on the 5th day of the month and you can load up to £120 without any top up fees for your ImageNPay Card. If you card is declined you will be charged £0.50.

What are the ImageNPay+ Fees?

For a one-off payment of £3.49 you can upgrade to ImageNPay+, which gives you greater freedom to spend your money. Find out more about the ImageNPay Plus features here. You will continue to be charged the ImageNPay subscription rate of £1.99 a month.


There are no loading fees for ImageNPay+ users up to £200, any top-ups over £200 are charged at 1%. For the full list of fees, see our Terms and Conditions.

Summary of ImageNPay+ Fees:

  • Decline fee - £0.50

  • Direct Debit - £0.50

  • Direct Debit Unpaid - £0.50

  • Additional cards (up to 3) - £1.00 each

Are there any fees for using your card internationally?

You can use your ImageNPay virtual card internationally on both our standard and ImageNPay Plus cards. You will be charged £0.75 + 0.8% for each international transaction.

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