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  • Naomi Harris

Try Before You Buy | Explore the ImageNPay App for FREE

Try It, Love It, ImageNPay It

You can explore the ImageNPay app for FREE with our Try Before You Buy feature. With Try Before You Buy you can test-drive some of our exciting features without spending a penny!

How does it work?

When you download the ImageNPay app for free on iOS or Android you are automatically given access to Try Before You Buy. All you need to do is download the app and create an account to enter Try Before You Buy.

What features can I 'try'?

As you have not yet activated your ImageNPay prepaid card, you can only test a few of our app features. You will not yet be able to use your card to pay with.

With Try Before You Buy you can view our digital image library of 70+ FREE images and animations that you can personalise your digital card with and change your payment card design. You can also view our different app tabs to get a sense of the layout and features of the ImageNPay app.

How do I access all of the ImageNPay app features?

Once you have explored the app and decided you would like to activate your ImageNPay card, go to the "My Card" tab and click "Top Up" to activate your digital prepaid card and load money to pay with. Or follow the in-app prompts to activate your digital prepaid card. ImageNPay costs only £1.99 a month!

Download ImageNPay

ImageNPay is a digital prepaid card app available on both iOS and Android.

With ImageNPay you can personalise your card from 70+ free images and animations, pay instore with Apple Pay and Google Pay, spend securely with prepaid, switch to 100% plastic free payments, and keep track of your finances with our budgeting features!

Download the ImageNPay app to explore Try Before You Buy:


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