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  • Naomi Harris

What is ImageNPay? | Digital Prepaid Card App

ImageNPay is the world’s most exciting payments app! Our digital card app is available on both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to unlock a new and sustainable way to pay.

Who we are

ImageNPay is a digital prepaid card app that allows you to personalise your virtual card from a library of over 100 free images—everything from your favourite animal to your favourite sports team. You can view a selection of images from our digital library here.

Our digital card is compatible with online and in-store payments through Apple and Google Pay, allowing you to express yourself and your interests every time you pay!

What we value

ImageNPay was envisioned to make payments more fun, sustainable and secure.

With our app, you can personalise your digital card to images that allow you to express yourself and your interests at the point of sale. By making payments more fun we can help educate consumers on financial literacy.

At ImageNPay we value financial literacy, giving users the ability to make smarter purchasing decisions. By using a prepaid card there’s less risk of overspending or going into debt as you’re only ever paying with your own money. Our app is designed to make it easier to budget your money and we categorise your spending so you can clearly see where you’re overspending.

We chose to create a digital prepaid card because they’re a safe and secure way to spend your money. A prepaid card has separate card details to your bank account, helping protect your bank details from hackers.

Our core purpose is to reduce the plastic used in the payments industry. We will never issue you with a plastic payment card. Instead, we advocate for switching to digital payments. With our app, you can use your ImageNPay card to shop online or instore wherever Mastercard is accepted and leave plastic payment cards behind!

What we offer

Within the ImageNPay brand, we offer four products suited to different user's payment needs. We cater for those aged 8+, helping build financial confidence and responsibility from a young age.


Our standard version of ImageNPay costs only £1.99 a month and allows users to spend up to £200 a month on their digital card. You can add your virtual card to your digital wallet on Google or Apple Pay.

ImageNPay Plus

For a one-off charge of £3.49, you can upgrade your ImageNPay card to ImageNPay+. With ImageNPay+ you can spend up to £8,700 a month on your ImageNPay card. You will also be issued a unique sort code and account number which allows you to set up standing orders. Only once you’ve upgraded to ImageNPay+ can you access ImageNPay Family and add up to 3 extra cards (£1 each) to your ImageNPay account.

ImageNPay Family

ImageNPay Family is our parent-child product. It allows parents to connect their ImageNPay+ account to up to 3 additional ImageNPay cards that their children (aged 8 to 18) can use. Through ImageNPay Family, parents can monitor children's spending, transfer money and answer top up requests through our chat feature. Learn more about ImageNPay Family here.


ImageNPlay is our kids version of the ImageNPay app for those aged 8-18 years old*.

With ImageNPlay kids are able to practice financial independence whilst spending wisely and safely through our digital prepaid card. Kids can use their ImageNPlay card to pay online or instore with Apple and Google Pay**, whilst accessing a library of over 100+ static and animated images to personalise their digital card with!

Learn more about the different ImageNPay products here:

With ImageNPay you can bring your payments to life! Personalise your digital prepaid card to express yourself to pay safely and securely online and instore, whilst budgeting your finances to ensure you’re never spending more than you can.

Download ImageNPay for FREE today and use our Try Before You Buy service to explore the app before signing up.


*Users aged 8-13 can access ImageNPlay if their parents are signed up to ImageNPay+. Users aged 13-18 can sign up with their own debit card or through their parent's ImageNPay+ account.

**Apple and Google Play is only available to users aged 13+


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