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  • Emily Friday

ImageNPay Launches First AI-Generated Digital Payment Cards

PRESS RELEASE - July 19th 2023

Today ImageNPay launched the First AI-Generated Digital Payment Cards!

We're proud to announce the launch of a new collection of payment cards in the UK with designs generated by AI - a first in financial technology.

To bring additional focus to Plastic Free July, ImageNPay challenged the incredible power of AI utilising DALL-E to create bespoke digital card designs with the question “What inhabitants of Earth would Elon Musk take with him to Mars?” and the results did not disappoint!

DALL·E is a 12-billion parameter version of GPT-3 trained to generate images from text descriptions, using a dataset of text–image pairs. It has a diverse set of capabilities, including creating anthropomorphized versions of animals and objects and combining unrelated concepts in plausible ways.

With some amazing renditions of Dolphins, Cats, Dogs and a Chimpanzee it was astonishing to see how AI could help us at ImageNPay generate new and exciting digital payment card designs that can be used by consumers on their smartphones to pay. But ImageNPay is not stopping there as we believe that AI could represent a new way to assist consumers to make better-informed decisions when it comes to removing plastic from their weekly shopping basket in the future.

Michael Donald, Founder & CEO of ImageNPay said;

“This AI collection represents a significant advancement in our mission to make payments frictionless, secure, personalised, intelligent and plastic-free for everyone. We're thrilled to be at the forefront of this technology which will help to reduce plastic waste and wake up the industry to take bigger steps towards digital rather than following the herd on recycled plastics, of which there are currently 22 billion cards in circulation and growing. At ImageNPay we always believe there is a better way, and we are excited to be utilising AI for good to make the World of payments plastic free via digital innovation.”

Help us make plastic payment cards extinct and experience our latest AI collection for free by simply clicking the button below to download the ImageNPay app at either App Store or Playstore and selecting your favourite AI image to pay.

To view the full collection of bespoke AI designs via Instagram, click here.

To request further comments, kindly reach out to us through our Contact page or directly email our CEO at


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