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  • Emily Friday

Google Pay for ImageNPay: ImageNPay Brings Google Pay to UK Consumers in Latest App Release

Google Pay on ImageNPay

We are delighted to announce that our digital wallet & mobile platform is now available on Google Pay, offering consumers the ability to personalise a digital prepaid Mastercard with images & dynamic content on any android smartphone!

One year from our Apple Pay release, our customers can download ImageNPay from the Google Play store on their Android phone then enrol onto Google Pay from the App & choose from over 100 exciting & free images to make contactless payments in a vast range of everyday places.

From supermarkets to taxis, trains, restaurants, coffee shops & retail stores. Every Google Pay purchase is authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID, or device passcode, as well as a one-time unique dynamic security code.

Read more on the release of Google Pay for ImageNPay below:

Google Pay is easy to set up:

Just open the ImageNPay app, tap the add Google Pay button, and follow the steps to add ImageNPay’s prepaid digital card to your phone. Once you've added your card to your phone you can start using Google Pay on that device.


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