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  • Naomi Harris

EPAM Case Study - How our Digital Payments Save Plastic

ImageNPay is making digital payments interactive and carbon neutral!

Our partner, EPAM, has recently released a case study of ImageNPay, documenting our work and achievements in the past two years to be the first digital personalizable prepaid card app.

With the World Wide Fund For Nature suggesting that we ingest 5 grams of plastic a week, the equivalent to one credit card, our digital card app is the solution!

By switching to a digital card, you can ditch your plastic payment card and reduce your plastic footprint.

Not only that, but our app allows customers to support their favourite charities through our virtual donation cards, budget their finances and keep their online payments safe and secure.

ImageNPay is free to download on iOS (with Android coming soon) and compatible with Apple Pay payments.


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