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  • Naomi Harris

How Our Secure Prepaid Card Helps Keep Your Money Safe

With ImageNPay's secure prepaid card you can have peace of mind knowing you can shop securely online and that your bank details are safe.

As a digital prepaid card company, keeping your details safe and secure is important to us, which is why we have many different ways we protect your money⁠.

Here are just three ways we protect your money and bank details:

1) The Power of Prepaid⁠

Did you know prepaid cards are safer to shop with online than debit?⁠ As a digital prepaid card app we believe strongly in the power of prepaid.

Prepaid cards are perfect to use online to keep your money secure as they are not connected to your bank details. This means you can shop knowing your money is protected.

2) Freeze your card⁠

Are you constantly losing and misplacing things? Then a digital card is for you! Just like your normal bank card, you can freeze your ImageNPay virtual prepaid card if you loose your phone and protect your money.

Also, not only can you not lose your card, but if your phone gets lost or stolen there is no waiting around to gain access to your money again! With a digital card you don't have to wait for a new one to come through the post, just log into the ImageNPay virtual prepaid card app on your new phone and your can use your money straight away.

3) Pin Code Entry⁠

Just like your standard bank card, when you set up an account with your ImageNPay virtual prepaid card you will choose a pin code to secure your card. Every time you enter the app you will need to use your pin code or the biometrics stored on your phone.

This is a second layer of protection in case your phone gets lost or stolen, ensuring that only you can access your prepaid card and money.

Take a look at our video for a quick recap ⬇

As you can see, the ImageNPay app is not only a perfect tool to use to help your budget your finances, but it also ensures you never have to worry about your money been un-protected.

Make the switch to prepaid today! In just a few minutes you can sign up to ImageNPay.

The ImageNPay virtual prepaid card app is FREE to download in the UK on iOS: ‎ImageNPay on the App Store (


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