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The World's Most Exciting Payment App

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ImageNPay Prepaid Card App

Your Digital Wallet Brought To Life

ImageNPay is a digital prepaid card app that connects people to their passions with images that they love to pay with; from sport to charity, art to music, there will always be a card design for you.

The ImageNPay customisable prepaid card creates a fun and more relevant way for you to pay that is original, innovative and sustainable - and it only costs £1.99 a month!

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Personalise your shopping experience


Personalise your shopping experience with images and animations that come to life when shopping online and in-store with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Choose from a selection of over 100+ free card designs to suit your mood. What's your vibe?

ImageNPay Apple Pay Digital Wallet

What is ImageNPay?

ImageNPay is a digital prepaid card app that enables you to personalise your digital card with 100+ FREE images and animations that you can use to pay online and in-store.

What is a Prepaid Card?

A prepaid card is similar to other payment cards, except you pre-load it with money. This means you can only ever spend what is loaded onto the card, helping you budget your finances and protecting you from debt.

What is a Digital Card?

A digital card is a payment card that isn't connected to a physical card. You can use it in the same ways to pay as traditional credit and debit cards, but without the need for a physical card.

Why is it more Eco-Friendly?

A digital payment card like ImageNPay is kinder to the planet as no plastic is involved in the distribution and manufacturing of our cards. An ImageNPay card is 100% plastic-free.

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ImageNPay Standard

Use ImageNPay's basic app features & load up to £120 a month.

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Upgrade to ImageNPay Plus for extra exciting features!

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ImageNPlay is available for users 8+, giving kids a safe way to pay and budget their finances!

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ImageNPay Family

ImageNPay Family allows you to manage your kids ImageNPay prepaid cards.

Personalise your Digital Card from 100+ FREE images & animations!

Earth Day
Yellow Suitcase
Copy of july-2022-01.cardart.mastercard-w.pfsw
Cat with Sunglasses
Holiday Plane Passport

Download ImageNPay

Ditch your plastic card and switch to digital payments with the ImageNPay virtual prepaid card app!

Download ImageNPay on App Store
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ImageNPay Digital Cards and Phone
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