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What is ImageNPay?

ImageNPay is a digital wallet app that enables you to personalise a virtual prepaid card on your phone with payment images and animations.

  • Ditch your plastic payment cards and switch to digital payments helping reduce plastic pollution

  • Prepaid Mastercard image payment with your favourite sports teams, games or animals online and instore with Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Support charities with our virtual donation cards

  • Shop safe and secure online with virtual prepaid card payments

  • In the future redeem offers from your favourite brands by using their digital images and logos as payment images for your card

The ImageNPay virtual card app creates a fun and more relevant way for you to pay that is original, inclusive and sustainable - and it only costs £2.99 a month!

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Introducing ImageNPlay

ImageNPay's virtual prepaid card solutions are now available to users aged 8+, giving kids and teens a safe way to pay and budget their finances.

  • Manage money with a prepaid Mastercard with max spend of £120/month

  • Personalise your virtual image payment card with our gaming and sport payment images, or even pay with a Pineapple!
  • ​Keep your money safe and secure when paying online​


Images you play with, you can now pay with!

ImageNPay Virtual Prepaid Card App Reviews





The animated images are so fun to pay with and having the app has helped me manage my budget! Five stars ✨


Easy to use, fun - and secure. A payment app.


Love this app, easy to set up, I can get my card almost instantly & choose whatever image I want for my card & change it when I want to.