What Is ImageNPay

ImageNPay is a digital wallet & mobile platform that enables you to personalise a virtual prepaid card on your phone with images and dynamic content that reflect you.

  • Remove your need for plastic payment cards by switching to a digital card and reduce your carbon footprint

  • Pay with your favourite sports teams, artists or celebrities online and instore via your Apple Wallet

  • Support the causes that mean something to you by downloading one of our charity images

  • In the future redeem offers from your favourite brands as you spend using images that enable discounts

Above all, ImageNPay are creating a fun and more relevant way for you to pay that is original, inclusive and sustainable - let us know what images you want to pay with!

ImageNPay is live with Apple Pay in the UK

Apple Pay is the easier way to pay in-app, on the web & instore

ImageNPay & Samaritans Digital Donation Card
ImageNPay dolphin digital prepaid card
ImageNPay unicorn digital prepaid card
ImageNPay & Samaritans Digital Donation Card
ImageNPay and LGBTQ+ digital prepaid card image
ImageNPay & Star Wars