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How the ImageNPay App Helps you Budget your Money | ImageNPay Budgeting Features | Budgeting App

The ImageNPay app was designed to make payments more fun, sustainable and inclusive. With our digital prepaid card, you can improve your budgeting and track your spending to help prevent you from overspending!

Why a prepaid card?

We chose to only issue prepaid cards as they're a great budgeting tool! With a prepaid card, you pre-load your payment card with money to spend. This means you can only ever spend what is loaded onto the card. Say goodbye to overdraft and interest fees!

As you're pre-loading the card with money, you can use the payment card as a budgeting tool. For example, you could load the card with your monthly groceries or eating-out budget to keep track of these purchases and ensure you stick to your budgeted amount.

How does ImageNPay help you budget?

As well as only issuing prepaid cards, our app has lots of handy features to help you manage your money. Our "My Transactions" page has been developed to help you track your money in mind.

Transactions Overview

Every ImageNPay user (even kids!) gets an overview of the money they've spent on their ImageNPay card within our app. On your transactions screen, you can view an overview of all of your payments over time and see them categorised in our pie chart tool.

Go to "My Card" -> "Transactions" to view this page

Transactions Categories

We take tracking your payments one step further by automatically placing your transactions into payment categories to make it easier to view where you're spending and how much. You can even go into each of these categories (e.g. 'eating out') to see a breakdown of your spending in that category. This can help you identify easily where most of your money is going and where your budget, or spending habits, may need to be adjusted.

Click on one of the categories on the pie chart to view a breakdown.

Transactions Filters

You can also filter your payments based on different time ranges to track your purchases in more depth! Adjust your page view based on weeks, months or a custom range to compare date ranges.

Tap the calendar icon in the top-right to set your date range.

Transactions Statement

If you'd like to see a more detailed overview of your spending for a specific period, you can request a PDF financial statement which you can then download to your device.

Tap the arrow icon in the top-right corner of the Transactions screen to select a timeframe and download your Statement.

Transactions Search

Struggling to find a specific transaction? You can search for specific retailers and payments through our search bar to find payments.

Enter your keywords into the search bar to search for a payment.

Transactions Details

Want to know more about the status of your payment, the time/date you paid for it or what category it's in? You can find this all out in the transaction details.

Click on any transaction to learn more about the payment and its status.

By using all of these transactions tools you can better keep track of your money to understand where you're spending. This knowledge will help you identify areas where you should be spending less, or could be spending more, and adjust your budget accordingly. By using a prepaid card you can track all of your payments in one place AND ensure that you don't spend more than you can!

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