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4 Signs You're Doing Better With Money Than You Think

While the cost of living just keeps on rising, it’s easy to get caught up in what's not going right in our financial lives: whether you're struggling to adjust to new grocery prices, energy bills, or even just dipping into savings to cover extra costs.

However, chances are there's at least one thing you're currently doing to improve your finances that you aren’t giving yourself enough credit for. Even if you only manage to tick off one or two from this list, progress is progress - and that's certainly worth celebrating.

Here are 4 signs you’re actually doing BETTER with money than you might think!⁠

1) You Have A Budget (And at Least Try to Stick to It)

Maintaining a budget is hard - especially if it's your first. But if you're making an active effort to do so, you're probably doing better with money than you think.

The determination to keep going after your first, second or third budget hasn't worked out is admirable and is exactly how you'll eventually find a budget that works for you!

Learning how to budget? Use our guide on the 3 Types of Living Expenses to help create a solid budgeting plan.

2) You Have A Steady Source of Income

It's easy to take a lot for granted when our economy is so unstable. But having a regular, steady source of income means you're likely doing a lot better than the majority of people.

Bonus points for those of you who make the effort to always pay yourselves first, budget for the following month and regularly track your expenses when payday comes around.

3) You Have Savings

1 in 10 Brits (9%) currently have no savings at all, so having something in your savings (whether it's a bank account or jar of spare change) - no matter how small - is definitely something worth patting yourself on the back for!

If you struggle to save money due to impulse spending, check out our blog here on how to avoid it.

4) You're Making an Effort to Learn

Finally, the simple act of wanting to improve your financial situation, in itself, is something to be proud of.

If you're making the effort to learn how to increase your wealth, improve your money management, or maybe even how to start investing - you're on the right path and your future self (and wallet!) will thank you.


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