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  • Naomi Harris

Steps to Managing your Money

Learning how to manage your money correctly for your individual financial situation is key to achieving long-term financial health.

There are three main steps to managing your money; Budgeting, Saving and Investing.

Read on to find out more about each of these three steps and how ImageNPay can help support your financial journey.

1) Budgeting

Budgeting is crucial to managing your money and holding yourself accountable for your spending habits. Without one it is impossible to track your expenses and how much money you have leftover to save and invest.

The key is to find a budget that works for YOU. There are a variety of different budgeting methods that you can explore and adapt to fit your own financial situation. The most important thing is that your budget is something that you can easily follow and doesn't prevent you from still enjoying the things you love. Find out how ImageNPay can help you budget here.

2) Saving

Once you have your budget perfected then you can move onto the next step - putting aside and saving a proportion of your income. This is an important step in securing your long-term financial health. Savings are what will protect you if you have a sudden drop in your income, such as a job loss or a health issue. Find out more about Emergency Funds here.

Another benefit of saving is you can fund those larger cost things you want to buy without having to rely on your credit card or loans. There are some great saving techniques that you can follow to reach your financial goals.

3) Investing

The next step to manage your money effectively is investing! Whether this be investing in yourself through building your skills, or investing financially through stocks and shares. This step is important to your long-term financial health.

As a sustainable company, we believe in the importance of 'voting with your wallet'. Learn more about Ethical Investing here.

Our digital prepaid card app is perfectly positioned to help your budget your finances and ensure you have money left to save and invest for the future! You can read all about the Benefits of Prepaid in our previous blog posts.

ImageNPay is FREE to download on iOS in the UK. You can use your digital card to shop online and instore via Apple Pay.

An ImageNPay virtual prepaid card can help you manage your money


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