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Ethical Investing: Why Should you Invest Ethically?

With it being World Wildlife Day, this month we're focusing on sustainable finances.

Have you considered investing ethically before?⁠

Investing can be a great tool to prepare for the future and build financial stability, but by investing ethically you can help secure the future of this planet. Invest your money in sustainable portfolios and do both!

Read on for our top three reasons for why you should invest ethically, or scroll to the bottom for a quick visual overview.

Reasons to invest ethically:

1) Vote with your Wallet

Voting with your wallet is a powerful tool, as consumers we have the opportunity to align our spending with our values. If more people invested ethically then the demand would increase and create a clear signal that we want to put our money in the right places.

2) Express your Values

Following on from the previous point, by investing ethically you can express your values. You can show you care about the planet by investing in sustainable and ethical companies who are having a positive impact on people and the planet. We have the opportunity to invest our money with providers we believe in.

3) Invest in the Future

Ethically investing does not just ensure a future for your money, but a future for the planet too. Supporting carbon-intensive companies and un-ethical industries is having devastating effects on the world around us. By supporting good causes you can invest in a positive future for all of us.

List of reasons to invest ethically

Have we persuaded you?

Do some research into your financial provider and see what they are investing your hard-earned money into. You may be surprised.

If you want to learn more about ethical investing The Times: Money Mentor has a in-depth guide on everything you need to know about Ethical Investment, you can read it here.

Although the ImageNPay app does not support investment accounts, we pride our self on being an ethical and sustainable company.

As a digital prepaid card app we issue NO plastic. All of our cards are digital, so plastic-free. They can be created and accessed instantly from your phone, so no needing to wait for your plastic payment card to arrive in the post and using up carbon miles.

Our carbon neutral digital card is FREE to set up in minutes today. Just download our iOS app (Android coming soon!) and join the plastic-free payments movement.

For more information about the ImageNPay app, take a look at our homepage videos and our About Us page.


To keep up-to-date with our latest updates and news follow us on Instagram or connect with us on the other social profiles linked in our header and footer.

And if you want to learn more about how we're helping the planet, take a look at our press or head to our Sustainability page;

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