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  • Naomi Harris

How Good are Prepaid Cards for Budgeting?

Have you noticed that more and more people are using prepaid cards for budgeting? As a digital prepaid card app company we see the many benefits prepaid can bring to our lives. One big financial win of prepaid is their ability to help you budget your money.

With the ImageNPay app you can shop with peace of mine knowing your money is secure, but also that you are able to afford what you buy.

Keep on reading to find out how prepaid cards are good for budgeting, or scroll to the bottom for a quick visual overview.

1) Limit your spending

With the ImageNPay app you can only load a set amount* of money onto your card each month, which helps you limit your spending. By choosing a set amount to load onto your card, and only spending within that limit, you can stay within your budget. This helps protect your credit score and ensure you don't need to take out loans to cover your expenses.

2) You can't overspend

Following on from the previous point, a prepaid card also means you can't overspend. Like a pay-as-you-go phone once you have spent what you've loaded onto the card, that's it**. You will never spend more than you have loaded onto the card which prevents you overspending in any given month. Prepaid cards are a great tool for those struggling to stick within their budgets.

3) You're using your own money

Unlike credit, prepaid only uses your own money. As you're using your own money, there's less risk of going into debt. There's no overdraft fees, no high interest rates associated with loans. Once you have hit the limit you cannot spend more, which protects you and your finances**.

Infographic showing the 3 ways that prepaid cards help you budget as detailed in the article
3 Ways Prepaid Cards Help Budgeting

As you can see, prepaid cards are a great way to keep you out of debt and your budget happy.

They ensure you stick within your monthly limit, come with no hidden fees, and you will always be spending your own money. It is a win-win!

If you want to learn more about prepaid, and the other benefits it brings, take a look at our other posts in the Prepaid Benefits series.


You can benefit from a better budgeting experience (and more!) with the ImageNPay app, available to download on iOS in the UK now!

To find out more about the ImageNPay app, take a look at the videos on our homepage or connect with us on Instagram.

You can also have a read of what is being said about us in the press;


* £120 a month with the standard ImageNPay, or up to £8,700 a month with ImageNPay+

** it is possible to load more onto your prepaid card if you need to. However, for the standard ImageNPay your monthly top up must be below £120 and with ImageNPay+ below £8,700


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