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How are prepaid cards good for budgeting?

Next up in our prepaid benefits is how you can use our prepaid card to budget your finances.

The ImageNPay app is perfect for helping you stick within your budget and manage your money well.

1) Limit your spending

With the ImageNPay app you can only load a set amount* of money onto your card each month, which helps you limit your spending. This means you'll only ever stay within your budget.

2) You can't overspend

Following on from the previous point, a prepaid card also means you can't overspend. Like a pay-as-you-go phone, once you've spend the money that's it. You'll never spend more than you have loaded onto the card which prevents you overspending in any given month.

3) You're using your own money

Unlike credit, prepaid only uses your own money. As you're using your own money, there's less risk of going into debt. Once you have hit the limit you cannot spend more, which protects your finances.

Prepaid cards are a great way to keep you out of debt and your budget happy.

You can benefit from this (and more!) with the ImageNPay app, available to download on iOS in the UK now!

If you want to find out more about our app, head to our 'What Is It' page or take a look at our social pages.

* £120 a month with the standard ImageNPay, and up to £8,700 a month with ImageNPay+

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