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Why are Prepaid Cards Safer? | ImageNPay Money Advice Guide

As a digital prepaid card company, we see the many benefits that prepaid cards can bring consumers. One of those benefits is an extra level of safety and security to your money and bank details.

Next up in our prepaid series, are three reasons why prepaid cards are safer to use than your standard payment card.

Scroll to the bottom for a quick overview of the three main points.

1) No link to your bank account

Prepaid cards work like a pay-as-you-go phone, because you top up your card with money to spend. This means when you are using your prepaid card to shop online, your bank details are safe and secure as they are not linked to your card. By switching to prepaid you can protect your money from online fraud and hackers.

2) PIN number

Even though your ImageNPay prepaid card is stored on your phone, you still have to use a PIN number to access it. Every time you open the app, you are prompted to enter your four-digit passcode. This adds an extra layer of security to your money and ensures that even if you lose your phone, or someone hacks your passcode, your prepaid card details are protected.

3) Debt free

By using your own money to load up your prepaid card you are safe from high borrowing and interest charges. You can never go into debt by using prepaid, so it is a safer way to spend your money and ensure you live within your means.

List of reasons prepaid cards are safer to use
3 Ways Prepaid Cards Are Safer

As you can see, prepaid cards are a great way to keep your money safe and secure. Not only do they protect your bank details, but they protect your long-term financial health with minimal risk of going into debt!

At ImageNPay we believe it is important to increase financial education and capabilities, and using a prepaid card is a great way to begin that journey. Whether for you, or your children, prepaid cards can help you get your finances in order and build healthy money habits.

There are many other reasons to switch to prepaid, we did a whole post on Why should you use prepaid? or head to our Prepaid Benefits tab to see all our posts on prepaid.

However, if you need more persuading on how prepaid cards can help you, take a look at ImageNPay in the press:


You can benefit from all this (and more!) with the ImageNPay app, available to download for FREE on iOS in the UK now!

To find out more about the ImageNPay app head to our homepage or find us online on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our DMs are always open if you have any questions.

Keep money safe and secure with the ImageNPay virtual prepaid card

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