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  • Emily Friday

Introducing ‘ImageNPlay’ - The Virtual Prepaid App for 13+

If you’ve been keeping up to date with us on our socials lately, chances are you’ve seen us reveal a pretty exciting new feature of ImageNPay - ImageNPlay!

What is it?

As part of our celebration of the ImageNPay app now being available to download for ages 13+, we created a brand new collection of virtual images specifically tailored for our 13-18 year old users.

Images You Play With, You Can Now Pay With!

Whether you want to pay with a pineapple, cute puppy or any of our unique gaming images (including Minecraft & Forza), it’s all possible with ImageNPlay! 🎮

So, you may be wondering: what can I do with my ImageNPlay prepaid virtual card?

A prepaid card has many benefits - especially if you’re new to the world of budgeting, receive an allowance from your parents or caregiver, or have recently opened up your very first bank account.

1) No More Overspending

The first major perk of using a prepaid payment card is that there’s less risk of overspending. With a credit or debit card, it can be super tempting to rely on your overdraft or credit limit.

The downside to those overdrafts and credit cards is that they often come with fees and high interest - meaning you’ll end up paying or owing more in the long-run! Not exactly ideal if you’re trying to stick to a budget and demonstrate financial responsibility.

With ImageNPay, you simply add funds to your virtual card with the amount of your choice. Once you’ve used up all your funds, that’s it! You won’t be able to spend any more until you top-up, meaning you can only spend within your means.

2) The Safer Option for Paying Online

Paying with a virtual prepaid card is certainly safer than carrying cash when you’re out and about, but did you know that the ImageNPay app also provides more secure online transactions?

Whether you’re shopping online for clothes or purchasing tokens for your favourite online game, an ImageNPay virtual card isn’t linked to a bank account or credit facility. This means you can use your digital card to shop online safely with secure prepaid payments - hello extra peace of mind for you and your parents!

For Parents - Check out our FAQs page for all you need to know about our app and how prepaid works.

3) Express Yourself & Make Budgeting Fun

It’s no secret that online gaming has taken the world by storm over the last couple of years, particularly for those under 18. Whether you enjoy playing, streaming, or simply watching, our ImageNPlay virtual card collection boasts some of the world’s most loved games - which you can add to your phone to pay with, wherever you go!

You can use your ImageNPay digital card to play your favourite games online and if gaming isn't your thing, don't worry - we have lots of fun, colourful images for you to use when you take your payments outside with Apple Pay.

Whether you opt for a static or moving image, bring your payments to life with the prepaid virtual card that you can personalise.


Join ImageNPlay today by downloading the ImageNPay app - available on iOS for FREE!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram to be the first to try out our new card designs (with new gaming images released every month!) and gain first access to the ImageNPay Android App release - coming very soon. 👀

Find out more by clicking below to be redirected to our official ImageNPlay page. 👇


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