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  • Emily Friday

Prepaid Cards for Teens - 3 Reasons You'll Love Them

With ImageNPay now available to download for ages over 13+, we've written up 3 main reasons why our virtual prepaid cards for teens app is a great tool - not only in making digital payments more fun, but also in teaching the importance of financial responsibility.

1) Customise Your Prepaid Card⁠

Your digital card is fully customisable, which means you can personalise the way you pay online with a digital card within the app.

Whether you're into Fortnite or Minecraft, unicorns or sports, ImageNPay has an ever-expanding library of images for you to choose from to show your passion for the games you play and things you love.

An ImageNPay virtual prepaid card for teens customised with a Minecraft image
Choose to Pay With a Minecraft Image

There are tons of fun designs and images to choose from and new designs are being added constantly. It’s never been easier to bring your payments to life with images, videos, sounds and gifs (that’ll most definitely impress your friends while you’re at it!).

Take a look at all our card designs here.

2) A Safe & Secure Way for Teens to Pay

We understand that, sometimes, online payments can be risky and parents can be sceptical of handing over their card details (specifically if they don’t know where their money and personal information is going). This is especially the case if you're adding card details to a website or platform you’re unfamiliar with, or don't fully trust.⁠

Thankfully, at ImageNPay, we've created a more secure and responsible approach for paying for digital content.

Whether it’s in-app purchases, tokens or a subscription for that game you can’t peel yourself away from, your details are fully protected when using your virtual card.

For extra protection after setting up your card, you (or a responsible adult) will be prompted to create a 4 digit pin to access the card before making any payments. Find out more about how we keep your money safe here.


3) Budgeting Made Easy⁠

If you’ve been given an allowance from your parents or caregivers to pay for online products and services, then the ImageNPay virtual prepaid app is a great way to demonstrate your financial responsibility - whilst also giving them peace of mind!

⁠As a prepaid card can only be topped up with the chosen amount from the account holder, this allows for greater control over budgeting.

Parents can relax, and teens can continue to enjoy their online content!


To find out more, visit our FAQ’s page for everything you need to know about ImageNPay.

Ready to get started with your virtual prepaid card? Download ImageNPay for FREE today (available on iOS in the UK).

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Benefits of ImageNPay prepaid virtual card for teens


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