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  • Naomi Harris

Prepaid Cards for Students | How ImageNPay Can Enhance Your Student Experience

If you’re a student who struggles with budgeting and often spends more than you can afford on spontaneous takeaways, (no judgement here!), it might seem surprising to know that using a prepaid card for students can help you save money.

But did you know there are other benefits to switching to digital payments?

Read on to discover how ImageNPay can enhance your student experience!

1) Save Money, Spend Sensibly With Prepaid

It can be tempting to rely on your student overdraft whilst you’re at university, but fees and interest rates can pile up fast. Next thing you know, you’re still paying it all off long after you’ve graduated!

With 58% of students reporting that their mental health has suffered as a result of low budget*, your mental wellbeing is a priority, and your experience as a student should be a positive one. Unlike credit cards, there’s no interest rates or sneaky fees to worry about.

ImageNPay's virtual prepaid card for students can help you gain control of your spending and spend only within your means, giving you the freedom to enjoy your time as a student (instead of fretting about the last tin of beans in the cupboard!).

2) Virtual Cards Are Kinder To The Environment

With 49% of students* admitting they wouldn’t buy something if it wasn’t produced sustainably, we’re all as conscious as ever about how we can do our bit to be kinder to the environment.

ImageNPay offers a virtual prepaid app so there's no risk of contributing to toxic plastic production, meaning you can spend guilt-free.

Unlike most banks and credit companies who will send you a physical copy of your card, ImageNPay is completely plastic-free!

3) Personalise The Way You Pay

With ImageNPay, having the means and creativity to express yourself is one of the things that sets us apart from other prepaid card apps.

Being a student is all about discovering your identity and expressing yourself in a way that uniquely feels ‘you’ - what better way to do that than by downloading an image to suit your mood, support your favourite football team, or show your dedication to a cause that’s close to your heart?


Ready to kickstart your virtual card journey? Download ImageNPay's prepaid card for students app for FREE today, available on iOS! You can also connect with us on Instagram.

You can also check out our FAQs page for everything you need to know about ImageNPay.

The Benefits of the ImageNPay Virtual Prepaid Card
The ImageNPay Prepaid Card Available for Students Now


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