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  • Naomi Harris

Our Latest Virtual Prepaid Card Feature: ImageNPay Plus

Confused about what the ImageNPay Plus enhanced virtual prepaid card is? Or whether it is worth upgrading? Take a look below for everything you need to know about our newest feature!

Why ImageNPay?

ImageNPay is a digital prepaid card app that allows users to personalise their digital card to showcase the things they love, or support the charities most important to them - whenever, and however many times, you want. For just £1.00 (and then £1.99 each month) you can access all this and more! Find out more about our virtual prepaid card charges here.

What are the benefits of an ImageNPay digital card?

Our virtual prepaid card app is not just about being able to personalise your digital card. ImageNPay is the solution to the 22 billion plastic payment cards that are in circulation every year (Nilson, 2018). By switching to ImageNPay you can ditch your plastic payment card and reduce your plastic footprint!

We are also passionate about being a prepaid company. With our digital prepaid cards, there is no credit check required and less risk of going into debt. Prepaid is also safer to shop with online as it masks your bank details, keeping your money secure. Find out more about the benefits of prepaid here.

ImageNPay is accepted globally online at any retail website that accepts Mastercard.

Why should I upgrade to ImageNPay Plus?

ImageNPay Plus gives you increased load and spending limits compared to the standard ImageNPay digital card. You will also be issued with your own personal account number and sort code, allowing you to set up standing orders with your ImageNPay virtual prepaid card.

Comparing the benefits of ImageNPay and ImageNPay Plus virtual prepaid card options
Get more benefits with ImageNPay Plus

How do I upgrade to ImageNPay Plus?

Go my My Card -> Card Details -> Upgrade my Card within the ImageNPay app. You will be asked to submit proof of identity, such as a photo of your passport or driving license. Once that has been approved your virtual prepaid card is upgraded and you can enjoy all the benefits of ImageNPay Plus - no credit check required!

How much does ImageNPay Plus cost?

To upgrade to ImageNPay Plus you just have to pay a one-off upgrade fee of £3.49! Your monthly subscription charge of (£1.99) continues as normal. Find out more about our fees here.

Download ImageNPay for FREE on iOS here


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