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  • Emily Friday

How to Help Kids Set SMART Financial Goals for the School Year with ImageNPay | Financial Education

As the new school year approaches, now is the perfect time for parents and kids to set goals that go beyond just academics. Teaching children the importance of financial responsibility and goal-setting is an invaluable life lesson that will serve them well in the long run.

By combining these principles with the innovative features of ImageNPay, you can turn goal-setting into an engaging and achievable endeavour for your child.

In this week's post, we'll guide you through the process of setting smart financial goals for the upcoming school year using ImageNPay as a powerful family budgeting tool!

Step 1) Explain the Importance of Setting Financial Goals

Before diving into the specifics, take a moment to explain to your child why setting financial goals is essential. Help them understand that goals provide direction and motivation, whether it's saving up for a special purchase, donating to a charity, or learning to manage their allowance more effectively. By framing financial goals as exciting achievements, you'll spark their enthusiasm for the process and help them get started.

Step 2) Help Them Identify Their Goals

Next, sit down with your child and discuss the financial goals they'd like to achieve during the school year. These could include saving up for a new gadget, contributing to a class trip, or building a small fund for emergencies. Encourage them to think about both short-term and long-term goals, giving them a sense of responsibility and teaching them delayed gratification.

Step 3) Utilise the Power of ImageNPay

This is where ImageNPay Family comes into play! Our app's user-friendly interface allows your child to create a virtual card for their specific goal. For instance, if your child aims to save for a class trip, they can allocate a portion of their allowance to their ImageNPay card. With ImageNPay Family, they'll be able to track the progress of each goal by viewing an overview of their spending categories, seeing how much they've saved (and spent) and how close they are to achieving their goals.

imagenplay imagenpay family

With ImageNPay Family, you can track your child's spending and provide an allowance for them to stick to to help them reach their financial goals. Find out more here.

Step 4) Celebrate Milestones

One of the most satisfying aspects of working toward goals is celebrating milestones along the way. When your child reaches a significant point in their savings journey, use this opportunity to celebrate their dedication and hard work, whether it be with a small treat or a fun activity. These celebrations reinforce the positive aspects of financial responsibility and motivate your child to stay on track!

Step 5) Align Goals with Their Aspirations

Encourage your children to align their financial goals with their academic and personal aspirations. For instance, if they're passionate about a particular subject, they could set a goal to save up for books related to that topic. This not only fosters a sense of connection between their financial and academic worlds but also motivates them to excel at their goals!

Step 6) Schedule Regular Check-Ins

Schedule regular check-ins with your child every few weeks to review their goals and discuss their progress using ImageNPay's spending tracker to keep them accountable and offer encouragement when they may need it. For example, maybe they used up all of their allowance for the month or had to dip into their savings for a purchase. What lesson can they learn from this and how they can improve going forward?

The art of goal-setting with the practicality of ImageNPay can transform your child's financial journey into an exciting adventure. As the school year unfolds, watch as your child's financial confidence grows, all while they learn the power of setting smart goals with ImageNPay by their side.


To find out more about the benefits of ImageNPay Family, click here and tap the button below to try the ImageNPay app for FREE on App Store and Google Play!


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