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  • Naomi Harris

How To Open Up About Money

This month we're focusing on all things money and mental health, and being able to open up about money is a crucial part of improving your financial and mental wellbeing.⁠

Here are three simple steps to help you start speaking more freely about money:

1) Use conversational starters

Talking about money does not have to be something formal or awkward.

  • "I've been looking to invest, do you?"

  • "This past year has been tough for me financially, how are you finding it?"

  • "I've been wanting to cut back on my online shopping. Do you budget?

2) Open up to somebody you're comfortable with

If talking about your financial situation is uncomfortable for you, then start with talking to somebody you're comfortable around. This will help make it easier for you to open up and be able to share worries or discuss advice.

3) Be Understanding

Money is one of the most argued about topics by couples, but opening up about your finances doesn't have to be a negative experience. Be considerate of each other's views to reach a common ground. It is important to be open with your partner and be able to have these important conversations.

If speaking to family or friends is something you are not comfortable doing, there are many charities and organisations that can offer support:

Money advice helplines
Helplines for talking about money problems

Money Advice Helplines

As shown in our infographic above, there are four main organisations and charities which can offer you advice by phone for debt and money issues:

  • Money Advice Service - Call them on 0800 138 7777 for free and impartial money advice;

  • Step Change - Available on 0300 303 2469, Step Change offer expert advice on debt;

  • National Debt Line - Get free advice for dealing with your debt on 0800 808 4000;

  • Citizen's Advice - Call Citizen's Advice for free on 0800 144 8848 to get general money advice.

To see more of our previous posts from this month on Money Stress head to our Instagram page @ImageNPay and keep up-to-date with our app updates and money advice.


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