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  • Emily Friday

What Type Of Saver Are You? | The 6 Personality Types of Saving Money

Ever wondered what type of saver you are? Whether you’re the queen of spreadsheets or a bury-your-head-in-the-sand type when it comes to managing your money, your saving style can reveal a lot about you!

In this week's blog, we're revealing the six main types of savers (adapted from, so that you can develop a deeper understanding of your saving style this UK Savings Week, and how your style might be holding you back - or propelling you forward - to reaching your financial goals.

Which one do you identify with most? 👀

1) The Natural

It's amazing how The Natural has always been a saver, even from their pocket money days! They don't stress about making strict money plans or budgets, but their natural frugality helps them save up a lot of money over time. For them, it's all about moderation!

These "natural" types aren't impulsive shoppers but rather take their time to research and ensure they're getting the best bang for their buck. It's not that they're cheap, they just know how to stretch their money wisely.

2) The Grafter

The Grafter isn’t afraid to put in the work and is always looking for more ways to save. This type of saver actively tries to save money in every part of their life and isn’t afraid to put the work in, or go without, to see those pennies stacking up.

They weren’t necessarily born this way, but through determination, perseverance and possibly previous mistakes, they've mastered the art of saving money and are now a pro at it!

3) The Ostrich

If you're an Ostrich type of saver, you'll often find yourself wanting to bury your head in the sand when it comes to anything money-related.

Ostriches don’t necessarily spend a lot, they just don't think about spending money if they need or want to. They live a carefree life and don’t allow themselves to be concerned with matters of the money kind. They'd rather someone take care of their finances for them and live in the moment.

4) The Investor

Have you ever met someone who just loves talking about money and investments? That's what we call an Investor. They're the opposite of an Ostrich - they don't bury their heads in the sand when it comes to finances.

They're confident in their ability to make good decisions with their money and they're always on the lookout for the best ways to grow their savings. It's like a little game to them and winning means they feel really good about themselves. Can you relate?

5) The Goalie

The Goalie doesn’t believe in just letting saving happen – when Goalies save, they save with all they’ve got and it’s because they have something in mind that they just have to have.

Committed, focused and determined, they know what they want and are laser-focused on what they need to do to get it. This type of saver actively looks for ways to save and can go to extremes to cut costs in the short term in order to reach their goals.

6) The Idealist

The Idealist has beautiful dreams when it comes to saving. This saver desperately wants to achieve their saving goals, and feels like they make an exceptional, active effort to do so… but their savings just don’t seem to grow.

Although their heart is in the right place, their savings goals can often be unrealistic, or they neglect to create a solid budget in place to prevent them from dipping into their savings by the time they're waiting for payday to roll back around.

Whatever your saving type, or whether your saving style differs depending on your current circumstances, it's important to remember there is no 'right' way to save - it all comes down to you and your independent needs.

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