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  • Emily Friday

What's Your Money Personality Type?

Do you know your ‘money’ personality type? 🧠

We all have one - and expanding our knowledge of the different types (as well as our own) can help us succeed in our financial journey.

Developed from HerMoney in partnership with Dr Jennifer Leigh Selig, The MoneyType personality test is a scientific assessment designed to reveal your unique perspectives about money and what drives your everyday financial decisions.

The personality traits are broken down into 5 main types, including the Producer, the Connoisseur, the Visionary, the Nurturer and the Independent.

Interested in learning more about the personality types and finding out which one sounds most like you? Keep reading to discover your money type and then take the test at the end of this article to see whether you are what you think!

1) The Producer

In a nutshell

The Producer is very practical when it comes to his/her money. These are the people who can be financially conservative and prefer to avoid taking financial risks - regardless of how much money they have.


Producers are grounded, diligent, and consistent when it comes to handling their money. They love to acquire money and are great at saving it/reaching their financial goals.


The Producer's fear of losing money, or losing control of their money, can sometimes hold them back from promising investments and actually enjoying the money they've made.

2) The Independent

In a nutshell

As the name implies, an Independent money type values their freedom and autonomy. They like to be able to live life on their own terms and not be bogged down by money unless it's getting in the way of the life they want to live.


Independents are great at putting their money towards enriching experiences and adventures rather than material things. They also challenge the rest of us to rethink the importance of money in the grand scheme of things!


An Independent's easy-going nature can sometimes get the better of them if they make a habit of ignoring their finances and end up finding themselves facing potential hurdles that could have easily been avoided.

3) The Nurturer

In a nutshell

Personal relationships take the front seat in a Nurterer's life, and this is also the case when it comes to their financial decisions. When they're able to, they love giving and empowering others financially.


If you have a Nurturer friend in your circle, you'll always be taken care of! They are selfless, generous and always looking to help others when they can.


Sometimes this selfless attitude can land a Nurturer into trouble if they aren't careful. Because of their fear of letting people down, they can get themselves into financial situations difficult to recover from by always putting others first.

4) The Connoisseur

In a nutshell

Living in the here and now when it comes to money, the Connoisseur seeks the finer things in life and works hard for their money. "Work hard, play hard" is their motto.


Connoisseurs love investing in enjoyable experiences, products and services and will usually allocate a 'Treat Yourself' fund into their budget.


Unfortunately, this personality type is the most likely to fall into the trap of compulsive spending and racking up debt to fund their lavish lifestyles!

5) The Visionary

In a nutshell

Visionaries see money as a tool to help them follow their passions, and aim to find a fulfilling career in life. Money motivates them as long as it allows them to do their creative work.


Often the ones to take the plunge by starting their own business or setting up a foundation for a good cause, Visionaireis encourage us to take chances and follow our dreams.


Quite the opposite of the Producer, Visionaries don't shy away from taking risks - and this can sometimes land them in financial trouble if they get too carried away.

Which Money Type personality sounds most like you?

  • 0%Producer

  • 0%Connoisseur

  • 0%Nurturer

  • 0%Visionary

If you fancy taking the test for yourself or suspect you may be a combination of the types, you can take the test here.

Want to discover more about your own personal Money Story? Click here!


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