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  • Naomi Harris

Banking Exec Launches World's First Image Based Payments System

A banking executive with over 25 years' experience in the payment sector has launched the World's first image-based payment brand. ImageNPay is a digital & mobile platform that enables users to personalise a virtual payment card on any smartphone with images and dynamic content.

The plastic-free digital charge card aims to provide a new buying experience while seamlessly connecting marketing, payments and loyalty. An early iteration of the app was soft-launched in the Apple app store recently by former VISA Board Member, Michael Donald, who also previously served as Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Emerging Payments for Bank of America/MBNA Importantly, the solution works with Banks, Payment Networks and eWallets to enhance their service offering.

The Huge Potential of Virtual Prepaid Cards

Founder and CEO Michael Donald, who previously headed up card divisions for a variety of national banks, believes ImageNPay will enable brands and charities to develop closer commercial relationships with consumers. He said: "This will be a game-changer that will help brands to understand and engage with a wider audience and more importantly the behaviour and spending of young consumers who are widely ignored.

Prepaid Cards and the Teen Market

"The 11-16-year-old age group now accounts for such a huge spend in the gaming space but it's so difficult to analyse and appeal to this demographic as the payments are usually made from the bank of mum or dad on their payment card. "With ImageNPay young consumers will have a safe and secure environment to develop financial literacy and as the card is pre-paid there is no risk of excessive spending, from the parents primary card"

A Virtual Prepaid Card App for Apple & Android Users

The app, which has already launched in the IOS App Store and is coming to Google Play store in the coming months, allows users to choose meaningful images inside the ImageNpay digital wallet, enhancing the path to purchase for the customer. The ability to customise a digital payment card will help connect people to their passions and creates a new touch-point for brands and generate incremental enrolments into the mobile payments space.

Supporting Good Causes with Charity Prepaid Cards

In November ImageNpay piloted with Movember and then over the Christmas period, ImageNPay partnered with various charities to create bespoke digital card designs that users could download and use for free whilst driving a call to action to go online and donate to those specific charities.

A virtual prepaid card image with the Movember logo shown on a coastal scene
Our card image for Movember

Users were then invited to vote for their favourite design with the corresponding charity receiving a donation from ImageNPay. Mr. Donald added: "We were delighted to donate an additional thousand pound for Alzheimer's UK and hope that with ImageNPay's one-click donations it will be easier than ever to support the causes you love in the future "We want to leverage the power of smartphones to deliver a virtual pre-paid card that will change the way in which consumers connect, enroll and adopt digital payments, all while eliminating plastic!" After a soft-launch in December 2020, ImageNPay is gearing up for the return of retail in Q2 and is set to partner with Apple Pay from March.

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