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5 Financial Topics to Discuss with Your Partner | Talk Money Week

Money can be a powerful source of tension in any relationship, and the conversations we have about money can either make - or break - a relationship.

That's why, for this year's Talk Money Week, we want to help you open a healthy dialogue with your partner to work towards a financially secure future together⁠. Because when you ask the right questions, your relationship can become even stronger!⁠

Here are 5 Financial Topics, with thought-provoking questions, to discuss with your significant other:

1) Money 'Openness'

You may be open to discussing many topics with your partner - for example, your day at work, your hopes and dreams, and maybe even your relationship with your family members. But when it comes to discussing our relationship with money, many couples struggle to find the right words.

Before starting any conversation about money with your partner, it's important to ask your partner (and yourself) if you are open to discussing money in a healthy and constructive way. Are there any specific areas in your finances that are challenging to talk about? Should anything be off-limits, at least to start with, if an argument is likely to break loose?

2) Spending Habits

Whilst your spending habits may vary depending on the type of mood you're in or whether you've had a bad day, people tend to lean more towards one way or the other when it comes to how they spend - and view - their money. For example, do you both make saving a priority, or is one of you more of an impulsive spender?

To make this a fun, 'getting to know each other more' exercise, why not take the Money Types Personality Test? Taking the test together and sharing your results will help you both understand each other a little better and figure out how to make things work if your money personalities are polar opposites.

3) Money Confidence

Just as our spending habits can vary greatly from person to person, so does our confidence when it comes to handling money. Are you both equally confident in managing your own money, or would one of you prefer the other to make most of the big financial decisions?

You can also delve deeper by talking about any self-limiting money beliefs that may be holding you back. If we believe we're bad with money, this will often be reflected in our spending!

4) Your Money Past

Our money confidence, and attitudes surrounding money, are usually heavily influenced by our very first experiences with money. For example, how was money talked about in your home growing up, if at all? Have you inherited a 'scarcity' mindset despite being somewhat wealthy? Have you, or your partner, had any history of financial trouble e.g. debt or gambling tendencies?

It's important to lay everything out on the table with our partners so that any future problems can be dealt with together (and ultimately bring you closer as a couple).

5) Long-term Goals

Finally, what are your financial goals for the future - and do they align with your partner's? Maybe you'd like to save up to put a deposit down on your dream home, but your partner might want to save up money to travel around the world. It's worth getting these conversations out in the open now so that they don't come back to bite you later!

If your. goals are compatible, what can you do to help each other reach them? How can you keep each other motivated?


If you're ready to take your relationship to the next level using these questions, why not share this post with your partner and make it a date?

And if creating a budget is on the list of next steps, why not use an ImageNPay prepaid card to manage your spending and build money confidence? 👀

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