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How to Budget for Black Friday

Depending on your own personal views towards this wildly debated holiday, the mention of Black Friday will either have you immensely excited or fill you with dread.

Wherever you stand on the matter, it’s important to keep yourself - and your bank - in check, in order to avoid overspending and getting carried away on the big day. And with contactless limits in the UK increasing from £45 to £100, it’s never been easier to tap your way out of your budget!

So, before you continue adding more items to your shopping cart in anticipation, take a breather and read our top tips for budgeting for Black Friday.

1) Create a Plan

First and foremost, create a budget for the day that you MUST stick to.

Make a list of any essential items that you genuinely need, and then map out where you plan to purchase them.

Online? On the high street? Which stores specifically? Having a detailed plan in place will ensure you stay focused and prevent you from getting side-tracked with offers on things you simply don’t need. Better yet, search for the best deals ahead of time so that you’re even more prepared.

Hint: shopping online instead of in the shops can help you stay on track, but beware of any pop-ups, promotion emails and app notifications.

2) Be Aware of Spending Triggers

Do you really need that electric potato peeler you saw on TikTok, or are you just tempted by the price?

Being aware of our own emotional spending triggers is so important. It’s ridiculously easy to be enticed into buying unnecessary purchases because you have a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out), or even simply because it’s a good deal. And the retailers know this!

Just like you’d follow the advice of not shopping for groceries on an empty stomach, try to avoid browsing the latest deals if you’re feeling stressed or emotional.

Check out our blog post on the importance of money triggers and how to identify them so you don’t make any impulse purchases you’ll later regret.

3) Shop Small

If possible and your circumstances allow for it, make an effort to shop at small businesses this Black Friday.

Not only will this prevent you from getting carried away with flash sales and the tempting next-day delivery options, but it’s also often the more sustainable choice - and you’ll be helping out those small businesses more than the big brands.

Check out these great tips from GreenMatch on how to make your Black Friday shopping more eco-friendly.


If you want to take extra precautions to avoid overspending this Friday whilst using a sustainable payment method, a prepaid digital card could be for you.

With ImageNPay, you can only spend what's available on your card - making it much easier to stick to your budget. Check out this blog post for more information on how a prepaid card could help you save money and shop safely on Black Friday.

ImageNPay is available to download on iOS and coming to Android in January 2022! Tap the button below to find out more.


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