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  • Emily Friday

How to Enjoy Christmas on a Budget

It's no secret that the holiday season is arguably the most expensive time of the year.

After totalling up the Christmas presents, ingredients for the roast, hoards of decorations and any extra funds set aside for parties and Christmas markets, your bank balance may be feeling the sting by the time New Year comes around!

That said, there are ways you can make it through the festive season on a budget without turning into a total Scrooge (dare we say it, you might even enjoy it!).

Here we present to you our four top tips on enjoying Christmas on a budget 🎄

1) Get Creative

Did you know you can use items already within your home to make your own Christmas decorations? There are many nifty little decorations that can be made from the things you have lying around your house, like using dough for Christmas ornaments.

You could also try creating your own unique tree with branches and twigs from the garden - leaves, branches, and berries all make for beautiful, free decorations within the home!

If DIY isn't exactly your forte, you can always re-use the same decorations from last year (or even years before) that are hiding up in the attic just waiting for you to bring them back to life.

Check out these budget-friendly Christmas decorations for more inspiration.

2) Make Homemade Gifts

If you're on a budget and also conscious of the environment, you could make thoughtful DIY gifts for your loved ones from recycled and inexpensive items.

Use the skills you're best at or hobbies you most enjoy, whether it be crocheting, cooking, or even putting together a sweet gift basket! Here are some excellent ideas for DIY gifts from WikiHow:

  • Gift voucher for your parents e.g. one week of chores taken care of

  • A "Recipe in a Jar"

  • Homemade baked treats for the whole family

3) Buy Long-Life Items

Purchasing long-life items for the Christmas dinner may be the way to go if you're looking to do things on the cheap this year.

Cranberry sauce, a tin of Quality Street, Mince Pies and even Prosecco are all long-life shelf items that can help spread the cost over the Christmas dinner - and taking advantage of discount grocery stores like Aldi and Lidl can save you a fortune. No need to upgrade your usual grocery shop just because it's Christmas!

4) Shop Secondhand

If you're stuck for time in the chaos of all the Christmas day planning, charity shops often have lots of secondhand gifts for you to choose from that make perfect stocking-filler presents.

Many items can be found unused and in their original packaging, and if you're really lucky, you may just find a designer handbag or pair of shoes with barely a scuff - for a fraction of the original price!

Looking for a gift that gives back? Check out this list for the best charity Christmas presents that will donate a portion of their profits to organisations in need.

You can also donate to charities this Christmas any of our digital donation cards!


If you're looking for an easier way to enjoy Christmas this year without racking up the debt, an ImageNPay prepaid card could be for you. Whether you decide to shop online or brave the stores, you can top up your digital card with the amount you choose and avoid overspending.

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