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  • Emily Friday

How to Save Money on the Family Holiday

It’s no secret that holidays aren’t cheap - especially post-pandemic!

Throw a whole family into the mix, and you’ve suddenly got many more expenses to consider. However, we believe it’s possible to save money and still have the best holiday ever.

Make memories that last a lifetime with our tips on booking the ideal (budget-friendly) family holiday:

1) Pack Light

If you’re part of a larger family with many little ones running about, packing light may not be an option. But if you’re a family of four or even just have the one child to take with you, you can save hundreds just by packing light.

When choosing flights, make sure you select hand luggage only. Airline providers will often jack up the prices just for you to store hold luggage, so we’d recommend avoiding this if you’re travelling for a week or less. Just make sure to follow the guidelines on the size/weight of hand luggage you can take with you to avoid having to pay a higher price for hold once you’re at the airport!

2) Travel Cheap

Keep your travel cheap by only going overland if possible. This way, you won’t need to book a pricey flight just to get to your destination and can instead travel by coach or train. These options are also kinder to the planet!

Bonus tip: If you must go overseas (who could blame you!) it’s usually cheaper to take a ferry instead of flying out.

3) Stay at an Airbnb

Booking an Airbnb abroad can sometimes work out cheaper than staying in one within the UK, and is almost always cheaper than booking a package holiday via a travel agent.

You can find some family-friendly apartments in dozens of stunning locations - some even as cheap as £15 per night!

Check out this article on the 25 cheapest cities in Europe to rent an Airbnb

4) Go for Self-Catering

You don't need to cook three meals a day every single day, but for at least two meals a day e.g. breakfast and lunch, try to prepare your own food instead of picking half-board or all-inclusive options.

By limiting how often you dine out, you’ll have more spending money leftover for the trip e.g. experiences, souvenirs - and you’ll still get to enjoy the local cuisine on the nights you do choose to go out for dinner!

4) Travel Off-Peak

We understand this may not be possible if your kids can only travel during half-terms or the summer holidays, but try to be flexible when looking for dates.

Travelling at off-peak times can save you a lot of money, and Tuesdays are typically the cheapest days to fly out. You can also take a look at less ‘touristy’ destinations for even bigger savings.

5) Use Comparison Sites

Found the hotel/package holiday of your dreams? Check out a range of comparison sites/other travel agent sites to compare prices before you book.

A lot of travel agents are offering discounts right now, so it may work out cheaper to go with one over another. Make sure you also check out the hotel’s own website to see if you’ll save any money by booking directly.

6) Set a Budget

Most importantly, set yourself - and the family - a budget.

Your holiday budget should include spending money and sinking funds for the various other expenses we often forget about. Things like toiletries, travel insurance, fuel if you’re renting a car, and a buffer for anything the kids might need/want whilst there. Make sure it's realistic and use an app like ImageNPay to help keep track of your spending!


As well as setting up your own holiday budget within the app, our latest features for ImageNPay Family allow you to add up to 3 separate cards for your kids to help budget their pocket money. Within the app, your kids can request money, you can send money - all whilst being able to monitor their transactions for peace of mind.

To find out more about our app and the other benefits of joining ImageNPay Family, tap the button below and download FREE on iOS and Android today!

Credit to @lookingafteryourpennies and for these great suggestions


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