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  • Naomi Harris

How to Create a Happy Workplace

Find out how to create a happy workplace with our quick tips...

New research has shown that employees are unhappier than ever post-pandemic, with employees feeling undervalued, uninformed and ununified. Crucially, the research found that only 40% of workers felt valued in their role.

Intelligent CXO reached out to see if Michael, our CEO, had any advice for businesses looking to improve the happiness and wellbeing of their employees.

Having managed ImageNPay during lockdown, with our team spread across six different countries, Michael understands the importance of cultivating a positive working environment with the challenges faced over the past 18 months.

As he explains, "to be a happy family you need to work at it. To create a happy place to work where people can feel that they have really achieved great things and be acknowledged and also acknowledge themselves takes real emotional investment."

Find out more about the ImageNPay team: About ImageNPay | The Story Behind Our Virtual Card App

"Happy employees, happy customers and even happier shareholders." - Michael, ImageNPay CEO

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