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  • Naomi Harris

Our CEO, Michael, in Relentless Magazine

In the latest edition of the Relentless Magazine, Michael talks more about his transition from Emergency Planning Expert to Commercial Officer at MBNA to CEO and Founder of ImageNPay, the virtual prepaid card app.

ImageNPay is the world's first payment system that allows consumers to personalise their digital Mastercard with unique images within the ImageNPay app, which is compatible with Apple Pay payments.

This interview explains more about the ImageNPay virtual prepaid card and its important role in fighting the plastic pollution caused by plastic payment cards. By switching to digital payments you can leave your plastic card behind. Find out more about our commitment to the planet here.

Read the full interview to hear Michael's best business advice, the top qualities for an entrepreneur, and his plans for ImageNPay over the coming years.

Available to read for free here, pages 146-150.

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Benefits of the ImageNPay virtual prepaid card


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