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  • Emily Friday

How to Save Money as a Family | Money Saving Tips for Families

As the cost of living continues to rise, many of us - especially families - continue to feel the impact on our pockets. 😓⁠

Finding ways to cut back, then, is likely a top priority for a lot of people - and this is especially true for those with a family to add to the mix.

That's why, in this week's blog post, we want to help ease some of this burden with simple strategies you can try to help save money as a family and stretch the family budget a little further.

Here are FIVE of our best money-saving tips for families:

1) Shop Secondhand

Buying secondhand is not only better for the planet, but can also save you a significant amount of money in the long run when trying to save money as a family.

Wherever possible, try to buy second-hand items and goods like children's clothes, furniture for the home or even books and stationery. Apps like Vinted and Depop are great for clothes and you can find almost anything up for bid on eBay.

You also might surprise yourself with what you'd find in a charity shop - The British Heart Foundation has stores that exclusively sell pre-loved (yet great condition) furniture, whilst shops like Oxfam, Cats Protection and Age UK sell clothes and homewares. Many of them are brand new, never been used!

2) Plan Meals Ahead

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your weekly or monthly grocery budget, start getting into the habit of buying items in bulk - and then plan meals ahead and batch-cook to save both time and money. Meals like curry, casseroles, and anything you can make with pasta sauce are great options.

According to The Good Trade, bulk-buying can help you practice zero-waste living and also forces you to plan, organise, and be a more intentional shopper - all of which will undoubtedly help you to cut back on your food costs for the month. So, next time you're doing the weekly shop, consider buying enough for the month (and ordering online to save your arms!).

3) Search for Family Discounts

Many cafes and restaurants within the UK now have 'kids eat free' deals, but you can also check to see if you're eligible for any extra help and benefits as a family.

EntitledTo is one of the leading providers of online benefits calculators in the UK that helps people determine what they can claim from national and local governments. Even if you think you’re already claiming as much help as you can get, it’s worth trying it anyway to find out if you're eligible for any extra help you may not already be receiving.

4) Reduce Monthly Bills

With inflation at an all-time high and energy costs rising by 66.7% in 2022 alone, now is as good a time as ever to make sure you're on the best plan possible.

Shop around for energy deals using comparison sites to see if you may be better off on another tariff. Energy costs can cut a big chunk off your monthly budget for the family, so use a comparison site like Uswitch or MoneySupermarket to see what you can find.

Bonus tip: try and avoid using a prepayment meter if possible - these things often end up costing you a lot more to run and having to top up your meter constantly can be a hassle when you have other parental responsibilities to be taking care of! It may also be worth negotiating with your broadband or TV provider to see if you can get a better deal.

5) Try a Prepaid Card

With a prepaid card like ImageNPay, you can create a family budget to help curb overspending whilst keeping an eye on your family's spending with ImageNPay Family.

Whether you're a parent or not, tracking your spending is an absolute must if you're looking to get on top of your finances. Not only does this help you to see exactly where your money is going, but it also helps to give an overall picture of everything you need to account for in your budget.

Find out more about how ImageNPay can help you save money as a family here.


If you’re a parent looking to save money, build a better budget and teach your children financial skills to help them as an adult, the ImageNPay app can help.

With your very own prepaid card, you can budget your money with ease and track expenses to make sure you never overspend again. And with our latest ImageNPay Family feature, you can add up to 3 kids' cards to your account to make pocket money a fun and educational experience for your children!

And don't forget to follow us on Instagram @ImageNPay for more family budgeting tips and the latest news!


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