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  • Naomi Harris

How To Save Money On Your Food Bill

Are you guilty of spending too much on food each month? Find out how to save money on your food bill in our latest blog post.

Over this past year, spending money on food has been one of the easiest ways to pick ourselves up. I know I'm guilty of one too many takeout's during the week!

And now with pubs, restaurants and bars *finally* open, it's understandable that our food bill will only go up.⁠

So how can you manage that spend? Read below for our top three tips.

1) Meal Plan & Make A List

How do you know what to buy if you don't know what you're eating? This is why many people overspend on food because they are buying without purpose.

A meal plan ensures you use up what you already have, and that you don't buy what you don't need. In the long run you can save money, because you're not throwing out un-used food that has gone off as every item bought has a purpose. It also helps to remove uncertainty in your days, helping motivate you to cook as you already have the meal planned.

"The cheapest supermarket is your kitchen" @millenialsaves

2) Don't Shop When You're Hungry

We are all guilty of buying things we don't need when we go food shopping, but especially when we shop on an empty stomach. This is because, everything looks necessary when you're hungry.

Shopping hungry will only increase the amount you buy, and the amount you spend.⁠ As a rule of thumb, always shop after a big meal or bring a snack with you in case you begin to get hungry. Take a look at the image below for our Top Tip for shopping in-store.

Food shopping saving tip: don't wear a sweater so you are too cold to stay in the supermarket
A creative way to save on food shopping!

3) Skip The Takeout - Plan Your Day

One of the main reasons why we order a takeout is because we're too tired to cook. However, if you plan your day, and ensure you block out proper time to cook and eat, you will order takeout's less.⁠

At the start of the week, when you make your meal plan, also allocate roughly an hour (could be less, could be more) for cooking lunch and dinner each day. This structure is crucial to encouraging you to cook more and spend less!

Saving money on your monthly food bill can be as simple as these easy three steps.

A general trend in saving money is just being more organised with your finances, like making a shopping list or making a meal plan in this case.

Having a clear budget is key to being more organised with your money. Take a look at our 'Budgeting' section for advice on budgeting your money, our 3 Useful Budgeting Methods is a great place to start!


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