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  • Emily Friday

ImageNPay & Bear Us In Mind: Working Together to Support Children & Families this Christmas

Supporting charities has always been important to us at ImageNPay. Having previously supported incredible organisations with our digital donation cards including the WWF, Movember, and Get Well Gamers, we strive to keep on spreading awareness about the causes that really make a difference to those less fortunate in the world.

That's why, this November, ImageNPay has decided to support a cause especially close to our hearts - Bear Us In Mind.

Bear Us in Mind ImageNPay bear
Bear Us In Mind Psycholigical Toolkit & ImageNPay Card

Who is Bear Us in Mind?

Bear Us In Mind is a charitable organisation set up by a small but dedicated team of individuals who are committed to the support and well-being of children, especially in regard to separation, loss or grief.

The Bear Us In Mind project was created to offer timely and appropriate support to children experiencing grief and trauma. As longer-term issues such as anxiety and depression can arise when children aren't able to process their grief, and with long waiting lists for therapists, BUIM decided to create an initiative designed to help children come to terms with these complex feelings.

Why Now?

Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, BUIM recognised a solution was needed that provided a more immediate intervention for children experiencing separation and loss. And as Bear Us In Mind was able to help children deal with a broad spectrum of trauma, this led the team to lend their support specifically to Ukrainian families and refugees.

What's the Solution?

To combat this, the team created a ‘psychological toolkit’ that adults can use to support children impacted by the conflict. The psychological toolkit is designed to give adults the confidence to help a child in a way that is impactful, simple, and safe, whilst helping the child to manage their feelings of trauma and grief.

Why Has ImageNPay Decided to Partner with BUIM?

Over the past year, our app has expanded with features to support families - and children - with their finances. As an increasingly family-focused app, we wanted to support an organisation focused on helping children in times of need.

And as the holiday season can put an additional strain on families (with Christmas looking different for many families this year), it felt important to support an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children impacted by the events of the past year.

How to Help

Could you, or someone you know, benefit from one of Bear Us In Mind’s toolkits this Christmas? Simply head to their website - - or follow @BearUsInMindUK on Instagram to find out more.

Within the ImageNPay app, you can also use your exclusive Bear Us In Mind card to make an online donation.


To show your support for Bear Us In Mind and access these designs, just tap the button below to download ImageNPay - available now on iOS and Android.


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