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  • Naomi Harris

Interview with Naomi, Head of Digital Marketing at ImageNPay

With it being International Women's Day this week we're celebrating the great women we have on the ImageNPay team!

Today we're talking to Naomi, Head of Digital Marketing at ImageNPay. She's been a part of the ImageNPay team since July 2020, have a read to find out more about Naomi and her journey with us.

Who are you?

Hi I'm Naomi and I'm Head of Digital Marketing at ImageNPay! Alongside my work at ImageNPay I'm also a student at the University of Warwick studying Global Sustainable Development. I am passionate about the environment which is why I love the sustainability values at ImageNPay.

What started off your career at ImageNPay?

It was the first lockdown in March 2020 that led me to the world of marketing. With all my university teaching cancelled I started doing some online courses to fill my time (alongside lots of Netflix of course!). Somehow I came across some marketing courses and I fell in love - this was what I wanted to do. Knowing that my degree was unrelated to marketing, I looked for work experience in this area. I applied for a four week marketing internship at ImageNPay for July 2020 through Workfinder, I got the role and I've been here ever since!

Alongside my studies at Warwick University I worked part-time for ImageNPay as Digital Marketing Lead helping run our social media channels and leading our digital strategy. When I started my placement year I became Head of Digital Marketing and started expanding the ImageNPay marketing team. It's been a very exciting couple years!

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women's Day is so important for women like me, women who work in an industry which is largely dominated my men. In fact, only 5% of leadership positions in the tech sector are held by women - 5%! This has to change.

We need to be empowering young girls with the tools and drive to pursue a career in tech. Which is why I'm super excited to be working with TechSheCan this month on a campaign to highlight women in tech careers to inspire a new generation of women in tech. The campaign highlights young female role models who are currently working in the tech industry by creating an educational video series. You can view it here or watch the video for those aged 8-14 below.

What are you currently working on?

As well as running digital for ImageNPay, I run my own sustainability blog All Things Green where I share tips on living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Over the next few months I'll be finishing up my placement and working on some exciting things behind the scenes at ImageNPay - so watch this space!


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