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7 Must-Haves to Save Money this Christmas

Looking for ways to save as much money as possible this Christmas?

Whether you swear by re-using the same artificial tree each year or insist on the whole family taking part in Secret Santa to cut costs, it all adds up - and helps you save a few extra £s at a very expensive time of year.

Keep reading for our go-to list of absolute must-haves to help you save money this Christmas! 🎄

1) A Shopping List

As simple as it sounds, one of the most important things you need to save money at Christmas is a list! List out everyone and everything you plan to buy for - and make sure to stick to it.

If you often forget to include certain expenses on your list, check out our post - The Ultimate Christmas Budget Checklist - for all potential categories you may need to budget for.

2) A Christmas Budget

Now you have your list, it's time to create a budget. Whether you use a budgeting app or something old-school, a budget is crucial to help prevent overspending during this time of year.

Go through your list by category and assign a budget to each one, working out how much you can afford to spend on Christmas presents, Christmas dinner etc. Not sure where to start? Read our guide on How to Budget for the Holiday Season.

3) A Prepaid Card

If you're worried about sticking to your budget this year and getting carried away when Christmas shopping, an ImageNPay prepaid card can help.

As you can only spend what's already topped up on the card, there's no risk of overspending or being tempted by credit and overdrafts. Treat your ImageNPay card like a 'Christmas Fund' and load your Christmas shopping money to the card - when it runs out, you're done!

Click here to find out more about how our prepaid cards can help you save money.

4) An Artificial Tree

Although the real deal trees look amazing, they're usually more expensive and need replacing every year. Save money by choosing an artificial tree this Christmas, and re-using your Christmas decorations from last year (provided all the bulbs on the lights are still working!).

5) A Staple Outfit

Speaking of re-using, if you've got a party outfit or Christmas jumper from last Christmas (or many Christmas's ago), you can recycle this year for the work Christmas 'do or NYE party, even better!

Save your money by re-wearing, or re-styling, a staple outfit. Not only will you be saving yourself some money, but you'll also be doing your bit for the planet and reducing consumption/saying no to fast fashion.

6) A Loyalty Card

If there was ever the perfect time to take advantage of loyalty points, vouchers, and cashback sites, now is it!

Do you have spare Clubcard points you haven't spent yet? Have you checked to see if you've opted into any cashback offers with your bank or TopCashback? Make every penny count this Christmas and make sure you're getting something in return.

7) A (Free) Activity Plan

Presents aside, Christmas days and nights out can be expensive. So, create an activity plan for the holidays filled with free or low-cost activities that still bring you festive joy without breaking the bank.

Some cheap/free activity ideas that are great for the whole family:

  • Hosting a Christmas movie marathon

  • Walking around your local area to look at all the Christmas lights on neighbour's houses

  • Going to your town's official Christmas light switch-on

  • Spend a day making your own Christmas cards/Christmas gifts

  • Build a Gingerbread house with the kids

  • Find a cheap ice-skating rink

For more low-cost Christmas activities, check out this list from LifeAndaBudget and read our post: How to Enjoy Christmas on a Budget.

All in all, Christmas should be a time of fun with the family - not stress. Hopefully the tips we've shared help and serve as a reminder that you don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy the holidays.

Merry Christmas!


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