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  • Naomi Harris

NEW FEATURE: Top Up Directly From Bank Account

We've launched an exciting new way to top up your ImageNPay card in our app. Previously you were only able to transfer money to your ImageNPay card through your debit card, but now you can do it directly from your banking provider with zero plastic involved!

With our new Nuapay integration, you can top up effortlessly within the ImageNPay app in minutes. This integration allows app users to take full advantage of open banking technology to make using the ImageNPay app even easier and safer.

Our goal is to make payments fun, secure and plastic-free. With this latest app update, you can enjoy all the features of the ImageNPay app without worrying about needing a debit card to top up. Whether at home or on the go, you can top up your ImageNPay card from anywhere.

CEO and Founder of ImageNPay Michael Donald said:

“Our vision has always been to deliver, leading-edge technology and frictionless transactions in a world-class payment app, with zero plastic. Our core platform enables customers to choose from over one hundred free digital Mastercard images to pay safely and securely online and then utilise the images they love to transform their digital payment wallet with either Apple Pay or Google Pay. In a world where images define you we provide the most customised digital wallet on the face of the planet.

However, there was still the challenge that customers needed to top up via a debit card, which didn’t sit well with our vision of a plastic free payments future, so we identified Nuapay as our primary choice for developing with our team at EPAM and open banking interface that would help us in the race to zero plastic.”

You can now top up your ImageNPay card directly from your Bank account whether you’re a standard or ImageNPay+ user. You will need a WIFI or data connection and your banking provider's app downloaded onto your phone to access this feature.

How to Top Up Via Bank Transfer

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on topping up your ImageNPay card via your current banking provider.

1) Head to your ‘My Card’ tab in the ImageNPay app and click ‘Top Up’.

2) Enter the amount of money you would like to top up and then select ‘Top Up From Bank’.

3) Select your current banking provider to load your money from.

4) Follow the instructions given by your banking provider to top up your card.

5) You will be told if your transaction has been successful. Please wait a few minutes whilst your top up is transferred by your banking provider.

6) You can check the status of your top up in the ‘Notifications’ tab in the ImageNPay app and you will receive a push notification once the money has arrived.

If you have any issues topping up via bank transfer please head to our FAQs or contact our Customer Service team for further assistance.

Download the ImageNPay app for FREE on iOS and Android to start using this new feature!


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