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  • Naomi Harris

Our CEO, Michael, Speaks to Business Graduates Association

Our CEO, Michael, spoke to the Business Graduates Association to discuss how a career in digital finance can help business graduates to address problems in our global society.

Here's an excerpt:

Many of the graduates who I meet through my work tell me that they wrongly assumed that an ability to write computer code is a requirement for a career in financial technology (fintech).

In fact, just like any other thriving sector, we hire talent from across all disciplines and there is always a demand for young people with strong business skills.

My own background was not originally in heavy tech. My first job was in project management, helping to draw up plans for maritime emergencies. This enabled me, later, to join American Express (which must have liked what they saw on my CV). I spent the next 25 years working for major financial institutions before founding ImageNPay, which offers consumers the ability to make plastic-free digital payments with a virtual Mastercard.

Another key member of the team is our Head of Digital Marketing, Naomi Harris, who joined us while on a gap year from Warwick University, where she is doing a degree in global sustainable development. Fintech was not an option that she had considered when we met. This is what I find so refreshing about the digital finance sector and its ability to bring people together from different disciplines.

Read the full interview here.


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