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  • Emily Friday

What Makes ImageNPay Eco-Friendly?

At ImageNPay, we're passionate about providing a greener alternative to plastic payments.

With a shocking 22 billion plastic payment cards in circulation around the world as we write this and an estimated 49 million people in the UK using these cards, the harmful impact of these debit and credit cards is alarming.

This is why we strive to provide a more eco-friendly solution to the unrecyclable, PVC plastic that makes up such cards.

So, how do we do this?

In this week’s blog, we’ve outlined how we’re reducing plastic waste through our digital payment card app.

1) 100% Plastic Free

We’re working towards reducing plastic pollution and consumption by offering a payment card that’s 100% plastic-free.

As our prepaid card is accessible only within our digital app, no plastics are used in the manufacturing and distributing of these cards. This eliminates plastic waste brought about by the constant issuing and replacing of plastic debit and credit cards.

2) No Delivery Needed

As your prepaid payment card is fully digital, there’s no need for us to send you a physical copy of your card in the post. This eliminates the need for single-use plastics in waste and packaging which other card providers use to send out their cards.

3) Instant Replacement

The cost and impact of replacing plastic payment cards can be harmful to the planet. With an ImageNPay prepaid card, there’s no risk of losing your card and needing to order a new one.

This is because the app and your card are all within your phone - making it both sustainable and convenient!

4) Supporting Eco-Friendly Charities

Going beyond our missions to reduce plastic pollution, we also believe it’s important to give back and support the communities that need help most. We support eco-friendly charities and causes, including Plastic-Free July and WWF.

To do this, we choose a different charity to support each month through our virtual charity donation cards. These cards help to spread awareness and you can use our charity images to donate online to the causes and organisations you’re most passionate about.

You can view all our previous charity work here.


Find out more about the work ImageNPay is doing to be more sustainable here and make the switch to an eco-friendly payment solution today by clicking below.

Our app is available on iOS, coming January 2022 to Android!

Interested in partnering with ImageNPay for a digital donation charity card? Get in Touch!


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