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  • Naomi Harris

Our Plastic Free July Ideas

As a digital payments app, reducing plastic waste is an integral part of our values as a virtual prepaid card company. This is why we are excited to be supporting Plastic Free July as our monthly charity cause! Find out more about our charity partnerships here.

It is no secret that plastic is polluting our planet, from our oceans to the food we eat, plastic is everywhere. However, Plastic Free July is fighting to change that by encouraging participants to give up single-use plastics for the month of July in an effort to bring about lasting change.

To kick off our campaign with Plastic Free July we're sharing our TOP plastic-free ideas so that you can leave single-use plastics behind for good.

Here are our top four swaps:

1) Plastic Free Groceries

This month skip the plastic wrap on your fruit and veg and buy loose. ⁠Or even better hit up your local farmers' market or greengrocers to support the local economy. By buying loose groceries you save the unnecessary single-use plastic wraps. Don't forget to bring your own reusable bag!

2) Bring Your Own

Whether that be your packed lunch for work, or a picnic with friends, by bringing your own homemade food you can reduce your single-use plastic waste.⁠ Not only is the food plastic-free, but homemade is always healthier than pre-packaged to-go food. Don't forget to bring your own cutlery too!

3) Plastic Free Bathroom

The bathroom is the easiest place to swap out the single-use plastic, switch to a soap bar or a bamboo toothbrush.⁠ Not only will this help you save plastic, but it will save you money in the long-run too!

4) Digital Payment Cards

As a digital payment card provider, we may be biased, but digital payments are the future! With ImageNPay you can ditch your plastic payment card by signing up for our virtual prepaid card. You can use our card to shop online and in-store with Apple Pay. Find out more about our work with the environment here.

Another way to support the Plastic Free July campaign is to use our digital charity card to go online and donate to ensure their important work continues to reach people every year across the world.

Our Plastic Free July Digital Charity Card:

Plastic Free July Virtual Prepaid Card with inspiring images and captions about recycling and environmentalism
Our Plastic Free July Virtual Prepaid Card

Want to get involved in Plastic Free July? Head to their website and sign up today!

Don't forget to stay up-to-date with all things ImageNPay by following us on Instagram as we share more eco tips this month.

Find out more about the benefits of prepaid cards on our blog.


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