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Benefits of ImageNPay Family for Kids & Parents | ImageNPay Family Features | Kids Prepaid Card

ImageNPay Family is designed for kids & teens aged 8-18.

ImageNPay Family is designed with both kids and parents in mind. With ImageNPay Family your kids can have their own ImageNPay digital prepaid card to pay for things online and in-store.

This helps give your kids the independence they need to learn positive money habits and build confidence in managing their own money. All whilst being overseen by you! They can begin to understand the basic principles of budgeting and saving, helping them become smarter about spending their money.

Financial education isn't the only benefit of ImageNPay Family! We've added lots of features to ImageNPay Family to ensure that both parents and kids have the best payment card experience...

But firstly, why a digital prepaid card?

The ImageNPay prepaid card is 100% digital. We chose to only issue prepaid cards are they're safer and easier to pay with:

  • Safer -> using a prepaid card is a more secure way to pay as your card is not connected to your bank account. Also, by issuing a 100% digital card you're less likely to lose your card or have it stolen.

  • Easier -> a prepaid card is a great budgeting tool! As you pre-load the card with money, you can only ever spend what is loaded onto the card. No more overdraft or interest fees!

What are the ImageNPay Family features?

Here are some of the core ImageNPay Family features that benefit both kids wanting to have financial independence and parents wanting to ensure their kids are spending safely and wisely.

Monitor your kids spending

With ImageNPay Family you can view your kid's transactions alongside your own. Keep tabs on where and how much their spending! Kids can also view their own transactions and have the same budgeting tools, like categorised transactions and spending overviews.

Go to "My Card" -> Swipe to view your kids card -> Click "Transactions"

Transfer Money

Send your kids money easily in-app from your ImageNPay balance so that they're never without funds. You can top up their card in seconds and how often you like. Your kids can also send you 'Top-Up Requests' if they need additional funds.

Go to "My Card" -> Swipe to your kids card -> Tap "Transfer"

Set spending limits

Limit your kid's spending by setting monthly spending limits on your kid's cards to ensure they don't overspend and help them budget their money. Kids can request for their limits to be adjusted if needed.

Go to "My Card" -> Swipe to your kids card -> Tap "Adjust Limit" to edit

Chat in-app

You can answer top-up and spending limit extension requests all within the ImageNPay app! You'll receive a notification whenever you receive a request or a message.

Go to the "Chat" button on the bottom navigation bar


View all of your in-app chat and request notifications in one place!

Go to "My Card" -> Click the notification bell (top left)


Kids can personalise their digital card and ImageNPay account to make it their own! They can choose from 70+ free images & animations to set as their digital card and change their app background too.

How do I sign up to ImageNPay Family?

ImageNPay Family is only available to ImageNPay Plus users. With ImageNPay+ you can add up to 3 extra cards to your ImageNPay account for your kids to use for just £1 each and still only pay £1.99 a month!

Watch our video guide on how to sign up your child to ImageNPay Family here.

Try ImageNPay today for FREE!

ImageNPay is a digital prepaid card app that is available to download and explore for FREE with our Try Before You Buy feature!

With the ImageNPay app...

♻️ Switch to a 100% plastic-free payment card

✨ Customise your digital card from 70+ FREE images and animations

📊 Track your spending in-app

🔒 Access safe & secure payments with prepaid

All this (and more!) for only £1.99 a month!


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