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  • Naomi Harris

How does ImageNPay keep your money safe? | App Security Features | Digital Prepaid Card App

As a payment card app, our main priority is ensuring that your money is kept safe and secure. The ImageNPay app has features that help protect your money every time you shop in-store or online with our digital prepaid card.

How does ImageNPay keep your money secure?

1) Prepaid Payments

At ImageNPay we only issue prepaid cards. A prepaid card is a safer way to shop online and in-store as it's not connected to a bank account. As you pre-load a prepaid card with money, your bank account details are protected.

2) Digital Payments

Our prepaid card is also 100% digital! As you're not issued a physical payment card, you're less likely to have your card stolen or lose your card. This further protects your account details from being compromised, as only you have access to them through our mobile app.

3) PIN Code Entry

When you sign up for an ImageNPay account you will have to set up a 4-digit PIN code to access the app. You can then allow Face ID or Fingerprint ID to sign in to the app and access your money. Make sure not to share your app PIN code with anyone to keep your account secure.

4) Freeze your card

If you believe your card details to have been compromised you can easily freeze your card in-app to ensure your prepaid payment card isn't used to pay by anyone other than yourself.

Go to "My Card" -> "Card Details" to freeze your card

5) Update your Contact Details

You can change your contact details (e.g. phone number, email address and home address) and your PIN code in-app to ensure you always have access to your ImageNPay app and prepaid card.

Click on the "My Profile" tab on the bottom navigation bar

With the ImageNPay app, you can personalise your card and budget your money whilst ensuring your finances are safe and secure!

ImageNPay is FREE to download and test on iOS and Android.


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