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  • Emily Friday

How to Live Sustainably on a Budget | Our Tips for Budget-Friendly, Eco-Friendly Living

When it comes to doing our bit for the planet, it can sometimes feel overwhelming - and incredibly expensive - to really make a difference.

But, there are small actions we can take to create a positive impact that won't leave us living paycheck to paycheck - because being eco-friendly CAN save us money if we choose our sustainable swaps wisely!

Here are 5 steps to living sustainably on a budget so that you can save money and help save the planet:

1) Get Moving

Did you know that by giving up your car, you could save up to £3,400 per year? Whilst it may not be realistic for you to get rid of your car altogether (for example, if you have a family or if you need your car for commuting to work) opting for public transport or walking instead of driving can boost your savings - whilst also helping the planet. Your physical and mental health will also thank you for the exercise!

2) Shop Small

Supporting local, eco-friendly businesses is a great way to show some love to the planet.

Doing so not only helps boost the economy of your community but also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your products by reducing the distance they need to travel. If money is especially tight, why not try shopping secondhand? Not only is it often more affordable, but it's also better for the environment as it reduces the demand for new products. Sharing, swapping, borrowing or even upcycling your clothes is an easy, cost-effective way of updating your wardrobe!

3) Reduce Waste

Minimising our general contribution of waste to the planet is another simple yet effective way of both saving money and helping the environment. Whether it's limiting your shower time to 2 minutes to reduce water usage, using an app like TooGoodToGo to reduce food waste, or reducing your plastic with an ImageNPay digital prepaid card, every little helps!

4) Buy in Bulk

Growing your own produce if you can is ideal, but if this isn't possible, buying food & household items in bulk can also save you money whilst reducing packaging waste often made from single-use plastics. Just remember to only buy what you need (and will definitely use) before the products expire to avoid creating more waste!


At ImageNPay, we're passionate about reducing plastic.

With our app, we've created a virtual, personalisable card that you can use to:

🛒 Shop online and in-store with contactless payments

🛍️ Simplify your budgeting and avoid overspending

♻️ Reduce plastic waste by switching from a toxic, plastic debit card to a digital prepaid card that is 100% plastic-free!

To find out more about our app and our sustainability values, tap the button below and download the ImageNPay app for FREE on iOS and Android!

To celebrate the arrival of Spring whilst recognising the tough times everyone is facing, we're delighted to announce that we’ve reduced our prices across ALL subscriptions within the ImageNPay app 🌸✨

At a time when everyone is raising their prices, we’re bringing ours down as a special thank you to our customers!

Click here for FAQs of our latest pricing changes and tap the button below to download the ImageNPay app to take advantage of our lower fees this Spring ⬇️


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