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National Student Money Week 2022

National Student Money Week is officially back for another year running!

Even more excitingly, the theme for this year is Sustainable Spending - something we at ImageNPay are especially passionate about as a sustainable solution to plastic payment cards.

Keep on reading to find out more about this week-long event and how you can get involved 👇

What is National Student Money Week?

National Student Money Week (NSMW for short) is the UK's biggest money awareness week for students, which runs every year from the 21st-28th of February.

With last year's theme being 'Expect the Unexpected' and focussing around financial planning for a rainy day, this year's theme is honing in more on how we can make our financial choices kinder to the planet. From reducing household food waste to ethical spending, there are plenty of avenues to explore and get involved with.

Why is it Important?

According to, 74% of students* have found an extra job to help cover their bills whilst at university. The average student's living costs are also on average £810 a month* - with maintenance loans often falling far short of covering students' living expenses!

Delivered by NASMA (The National Association of Student Money Advisers), National Student Money Week's mission is to help educate and raise awareness of the various financial issues that students may face. And with statistics as alarming as the above, it's clear that money issues are a significant challenge for those undertaking their studies.

Coupled with money worries, many students are also feeling the pressures of living sustainably as a result of our ever-increasing climate crisis. In a 2021 survey from Student Spending Statistics, 49%* of students claimed they wouldn't purchase something if it wasn't produced sustainably.

How Can I Get Involved?

With the focus of this year's theme being Sustainable Spending, you can get involved by raising awareness of this important topic: whether it be discussing with your friends, family, or speaking to your University about setting up a fundraising event.

Educating others (and yourself!) on how to live student life on an affordable, eco-friendly budget is another helpful way of getting involved, and you can also take a more hands-on approach by adopting some of the sustainable spending tips we've listed below.

Obviously, there's no expectations for students to start investing in solar panels or electric vehicles, but even small changes like these can pay off in the long run!

Tips for Sustainable Spending

Tips for Sustainable Spending imagenpay

  • Save money by avoiding fast fashion and shopping secondhand instead. You could also run an on-campus 'swap shop' where students can swap good quality garments they no longer want!

  • Use the 'Too Good to Go' App to pick up food for a fraction of the price and help decrease food waste.

  • De-frost the freezer for a big energy-saving impact: freezers run better and run more efficiently when they aren't overrun with ice. Find instructions here.

  • Switch to a digital payment card like ImageNPay - although not a single-use plastic, credit and debit cards are harmful to the environment and switching to a plastic-free card can make a difference. Find out more here.

  • Buy local & shop small where possible. Supporting local communities and independent businesses is kinder to the environment - and to those business owners!

  • Shop at Zero-Waste Food Stores where possible.

  • Invest in a good reusable travel mug/water bottle to help reduce plastic waste.

Check out the official campaign pack for even more sustainable spending tips!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get involved with this year's Student Money Week. You can spend a little and save a lot with the sustainable tips shared in this post, and rest assured knowing you're contributing positively to creating a greener planet for us all.

To find out more about National Student Money Week and for other ways to get involved, check out the official NASMA website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram for updates on this campaign.


The ImageNPay app offers a virtual prepaid card with no risk of contributing to toxic plastic production. Unlike most banks and credit companies who will send you a physical copy of your card, we are completely plastic-free and are committed to providing a carbon-neutral payment experience for all - including students.

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Be sure to also check out our post on how ImageNPay can Enhance your Student Experience.

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